Tips for new students

It helps to know that...

My old car takes twice as much money and time to keep running here at school, and that it's not so bad to walk sometimes.

I shouldn't expect too much of myself or the school right away, and I'll feel better.

I shouldn't be afraid to ask questions.

Physical activity and talking it out with someone are good ways to release tensions built from frustrations or a heavier-than-usual work load.

One way to fight loneliness is to build new relationships with the people around me.

Everybody's human, and I have to learn to live with different kinds of people.

Block out time to study, and use it only for studying. Don't try to multi-task.

Classes are different than in high school, usually requiring more prep time.

I'll want to attend chapel and devotional opportunities in order to stay close with God. He is with me to help me in all things.

Having a positive relationship with my roommate begins with consideration, builds with communication and succeeds with cooperation.

I can get to know my roommate faster if I contact him/her during the summer.

By talking this summer, my roommate and I can discuss who should bring what ("We don't need two TV's!")

A good place to start getting acquainted is to talk about:

what I'd like to tell you about my family 
how I describe the friends I have back home 
what my interests and hobbies are 
what I am looking forward to most about college 
what I'll miss most about home 
why I chose to attend Concordia

My roommate and I need to discuss things like:

what things we have in common 
in what ways we differ 
how clean the room needs to be 
what to do when I want to sleep and you want to study 
should we do laundry together or do our own 
what's okay to borrow and what's not okay 
how important it is for us to spend time together/with others/alone 
how will we resolve conflicts that arise 
how easy/hard it is for me to express my feelings 
when it's okay to have friends over 
how I tend to act when I'm angry or upset 
what we expect of each other as roommates

My Resident Assistant (RA) is a great resource for just about anything.

As a Concordia student, I am honor bound not to use alcohol on or off campus if I am under age; not to use alcohol on campus or to use it responsibly off campus if I am of legal age; and not to use drugs at any time.

I will do well to remember Paul's words in Ephesians 4:32: "Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you."