Uzziah Scholars

Concordia’s Ag Scholarship Program

Concordia University, Nebraska is dedicated to increasing the number of future stewards who will care for God’s earth and learn, serve and lead in agriculture for the sake of others. As a Uzziah Scholar, you will be challenged to solve real-world challenges, explore the many facets of agriculture in depth and be a part of creating sustainable, long-lasting and ethically sound agriculture practices for the future. 

A Nebraska pasture filled with cows on a hazy day
Ag Science Professor Dr. Dennis Brink with two students surveying a corn field.

What is a Uzziah Scholar? 

In the Bible, King Uzziah is described as a powerful man, with productive farms and a highly trained and equipped army. God Himself gave Uzziah wonderful success as long as he sought the Lord. Concordia’s Uzziah Scholars are devoted to becoming Christian leaders, solving problems in agriculture in their local and global communities and serving as stewards of all agriculture and agricultural resources through their chosen vocations. 
Uzziah Scholars receive a yearly scholarship and typically major in agricultural sciences, agricultural education or business administration with agribusiness concentration, though in some instances, those minoring in an ag-related program find success in the program. 

As a Uzziah Scholar, you will have the opportunity to 

  • Receive a $5,000 per year scholarship for up to five years. 
  • Connect regularly with a mentor serving in the field of agriculture. 
  • Attend ag-related conferences and conventions. 
  • Participate in domestic and international agricultural study tours. 
  • Participate in an internship with an agriculturally-based mission. 
  • Attend an annual luncheon with the President of the University. 
  • Represent Concordia in national agriculture-related contests. 

Apply to be a Uzziah Scholar 

Anyone who has been successfully admitted to Concordia University, Nebraska and intends to major or minor in an agriculture-related program may apply for the Uzziah Scholars program. To apply, complete the application form and submit it to

Complete the application

Two students participating in an ag science lab demonstration with one smiling as the other holds some eggs.
Photo of Shelby

Shelby Studnicka

Uzziah Ag Scholars Program Director

Department of Natural Sciences
Photo of Kimberly

Dr. Kimberly Clark

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Science

Department of Natural Sciences