Office of Church Engagement

Concordia’s Office of Church Engagement strives to be a resource and a partner with Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod churches, schools, ordained and commissioned church workers, as well as mission organizations to build stronger and growing connections between the university, the LCMS and the Church at large.

Available Resources


Host a Concordia Sunday

Concordia’s Church Engagement Director, Rev. Russ Sommerfeld, is happy to come to speak with your congregation at a table at the entrance of the church, lead a Bible study or even preach. This is a great opportunity to see how God is working through Concordia. If you're interested in learning more about hosting a Concordia Sunday, please contact Rev. Russ Sommerfeld.

Contact Rev. Russ Sommerfeld about Concordia Sundays

Bulletin Inserts

Resources to share with your congregation about how Concordia is committed to providing a Christ-centered, Lutheran education. Feel free to download, print and share with your congregation.

Concordia's Lutheran Guarantee

Undergraduate students from a Lutheran congregation are guaranteed at least $25,000 in institutional aid, which can be combined with additional scholarships. Graduate students may also qualify for a special $340 per credit hour rate, the lowest in Nebraska and among Concordia University System schools.

Concordia's Church Work Guarantee

As the CUS leader in preparing students for Lutheran church work vocations, we’re committed to providing you with a meaningful and affordable Christ-centered, Lutheran education. For students enrolling in a church work program at Concordia, Nebraska, we offer the Church Work Guarantee of $110,000 over four years. This guarantee will ensure all church work students will receive a minimum of $27,500/year in institutional scholarships and grants!

College Planning Tips

Resources for parents of students who are planning to continue their higher education journey. 

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Congregations for Concordia University, Nebraska

Congregations for Concordia University, Nebraska (CCUNE) equips students from our member LCMS congregations by enabling them to obtain a Christ-centered, Lutheran education while preparing for their vocational callings.

Learn more about CCUNE

Rev. Russ Sommerfeld
Assistant to the President for Church Engagement

Ministry began for me with God’s call to pastorally serve in rural and small-town congregations, and then a large congregation with a campus ministry. The Lord’s leading took me to serve the churches, schools, missions and church workers of the Nebraska District-LCMS. Since 2016, I have been teaching theology and interacting with students at Concordia. These varied roles in the church inspire me to engage churches, schools, their workers, and districts to build stronger, more meaningful connections between them and Concordia University, Nebraska.

Meet Russ



Concordia Youth Ministry

Concordia Youth Ministry (CYM) serves youth in the church and local communities throughout the school year. Small groups of student leaders facilitate weekend youth events for middle school, junior high, and high school students. These events include community building, games, devotions and other activities with a Christian focus to help students connect with their faith in Christ.

Learn more about Concordia Youth Ministry

Center for Liturgical Art

The Center for Liturgical Art is committed to creating art for worship and witness, while advocating for visual arts in Christian life and practice. We are a group of artists who share the importance of ecclesiastical art and the impact it has on our lives as Christians.

Visit the Center for Liturgical Art


Upcoming Church Engagement Events

Be sure to find Rev. Russ Sommerfeld or additional Concordia representatives at the events listed below. We'd love to see you and say hello!

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