Performing & Visual Arts

Experience the Performing & Visual Arts at Concordia

Your artistic talents are unique and deeply meaningful. At Concordia Nebraska, you can share your God-given talents with the world by touring internationally with an award-winning choir or band, becoming a captivating character on stage or creating art pieces that tell a story.

$320,740in scholarships provided to 2018 incoming first-year performance students
1 in 5first-year students receive a performance arts scholarship
A female Concordia student adds finishing touches to her drawing of pink flowers.

Visual Arts

Whether you’re interested in painting, drawing, photography or other art mediums, Concordia has exactly what you need to develop and refine your creative and artistic talents.

Art at Concordia

The Conductor of Concordia's A Cappella Choir leads during a Christmas at Concordia performance.


At Concordia, you can sing in a chorus, play an instrument in an ensemble, conduct performances and compose music, all as part of a thriving, close-knit, creative community.

Music at Concordia


Join a collaborative community of artists and scholars. With the theatre arts at Concordia, you can direct plays, build sets, create costumes and bring characters to life on stage.

Theatre at Concordia


Academic and Performance Scholarships Available

There are a number of scholarships available for you at Concordia. Whether you’re participating in one of our performance areas, on one of the 22 athletic teams or for your academic achievements and faith background.

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Student Success Is Our Priority

Your success at Concordia is not just defined by your GPA, but how you’re equipped to make an impact in your career and throughout your life. We’re committed to providing you the academic and spiritual tools you’ll need to be successful in all facets of your life.

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