Residence Life

There is more to attending a university than academics. Whether you are spending time with friends in a residence hall or participating in one of our clubs or organizations, we want your experience outside of class to be just as great as in it. Concordia is primarily a residential university, which creates an incredible community and opportunities for you to grow and develop. By living on campus, you can learn to communicate effectively with a diverse range of people, make lifelong friendships, become more independent and discover new insights about yourself and others. Our residence hall staff, consisting of nearly 50 RAs and RCs, is trained and passionate about helping you make the most of your time in college, navigate challenges that arise and grow during your time on campus.

Concordia Dorm Tour - David Hall (Women's dorm)

Anna and Haley explain what to expect as a first year student in the women’s dorms.

Concordia Dorm Tour - Schuelke Hall (Men's dorm)

CJ explains what to expect as a first year student in the men’s dorms.

Dorm Room Layouts

Each dorm room at Concordia has a different layout. See which one yours will have so you can plan accordingly!

Room layouts

Interactive Campus Map

Use the interactive campus map to find your way to your dorm and to other buildings
on campus.

Campus map

Campus Dining Options

There are plenty of options for dining on campus, from the Dining Hall to the Dog House Grill and the 10:31 Coffee shop.

Campus dining

Residence Hall Open/Closed Schedule

Residence halls are closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas Break and Spring Break. All residents must leave campus during these periods. Residence halls are closed and food service is not available. 

All residents are expected to check out with their RA and leave campus during these periods. Fines and charges may be assessed if you do not check out or leave. If you expect to fly to your holiday destination, you are advised to make reservations early in the semester so as to avoid departure delay.

Requests to stay late or return early from breaks must be submitted to the Student Life Office at least 2 weeks prior to the break. Residents with permission will be charged a room rate of at least $50 per night for staying late or returning early from breaks.

Residents with exceptional circumstances should bring their concerns to the Student Life Office.

Vacation checkout procedures will be posted in your living area prior to Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring vacations.  

On Campus Living Policy

There are many benefits to living in the residence halls such as community, student support resources, and convenience. Studies have shown that students who live on campus often perform better academically as well. The Regents of the University have carefully weighed all the benefits and drawbacks of this policy and have made the studied determination that Concordia is a residential university.

Therefore, all full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus unless they meet one or more of the following off-campus eligibility requirements:

  1. The student lived on Concordia’s campus for three years and is 21 years old by October 15 of the academic year they desire to live off campus
  2. The student transferred into Concordia and is over 21 years old by October 15 of the academic year they desire to live off campus
  3. The student is supporting a child at their residence
  4. The student is married before classes start
  5. The student lives at home with parents within Seward County

These are the only reasons that make a student eligible to live off campus. All requests to live off campus for any other reason would require an exception to this policy.

Off-Campus Housing Exceptions

An exception to the On-Campus Residence Requirement is an allowance and privilege granted due to unusual circumstances that would not be common to other students (for example, medical needs, living at home with parents, and unique family situations). Financial need is not a circumstance unique to students that qualifies for an off-campus exception.  Requests for an exception are to be in writing to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Athletics. Guidelines for these request are available in the Student Life Office. Requests based on medical need must meet the requirements of an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Students who are allowed to live off campus realize that the privilege may be revoked should circumstances change. Any violation of the Student Code of Conduct may also result in this exception and privilege being revoked and may require the student in violation to move on campus. Falsifying information, choosing to reside off-campus without permission, and/or non-compliance with the guidelines allowing the exception to live off-campus may result in disciplinary consequences to the student, including but not limited to, being assessed the full room and board rate.

Financial Aid and Living On Campus

The University's scholarship and grant programs are designed to assist students with direct educational costs including housing. Therefore, students who request an exception to the On-Campus Residence Requirement and are approved understand and agree to pay the Off Campus Exception Housing Fee of $1000.00 (non-refundable) each semester. Students who are eligible to live off-campus for the reasons listed in the On-Campus Residence Requirement will not be subject to this fee.

Call the Student Life Office at 402-643-7411 for information related to the policy.

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