Lutheran School Ministry

Serving in Lutheran schools is one of the noblest professions in the world. Through a Christ-centered curriculum, Lutheran schools offer a holistic education that provides outstanding academic preparation built upon a faith foundation, impacting children’s lives for eternity.

More than 33 percent of current rostered LCMS educators received their education at Concordia, Nebraska. Still, Lutheran schools have an unmet need for teachers and administrators that exceeds current church work graduates of all the Concordia universities combined. Seeing this need, Concordia Nebraska is proud to introduce a practical solution--the Lutheran School Ministry program.

The Lutheran School Ministry program is primarily designed for non-LCMS educators who serve in our Lutheran schools and desire additional training to incorporate the Lutheran educational ethos into their classrooms. The program provides practical instruction on what makes a Lutheran Christian education truly distinctive.

Lutheran School Ministry Modules

Beginning in January 2018, four 8-week modules will be offered online for the benefit of these Christian educators. Educators finishing all four modules are recognized for completion of the Lutheran School Ministry training. Tuition is $600 per module or $2,000 for the entire program if paid before starting the first module.

    Module 1 What Lutherans Believe, Teach and Confess
    Examining foundational LCMS Lutheran beliefs and how they inform the mission, ministry, culture and character of the Lutheran school.
    Module 2 The Lutheran School: Identity and Ethos
    A study of the practical application of God's Word and Lutheran beliefs, used to create and sustain a distinctively Lutheran school community.
    Module 3 The Lutheran Classroom: Daily Life Together
    A study of the Lutheran Christian classroom, an environment rooted in daily application of the Law and Gospel, where the intentional integration of faith and learning enriches the entire classroom experience.
    Module 4 The Teacher in a Lutheran School: Vocation
    An in-depth reflection on vocation, designed to provide teachers in Lutheran schools with a deeper personal understanding of their calling to serve the Lord, the Church and their students.

Registration Information

Registration DeadlinesStart Dates
December 15, 2017January 8, 2018
March 2, 2017March 5, 2018
Aprli 27, 2017April 30, 2018

To register for the Lutheran School Ministry Program, follow the link to our application. On the application page select Graduate, Graduate Non-Degree Seeking/Coursework Only and from the drop down select Lutheran School Ministry Program.

Lutheran School Ministry Informational Webinar
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What is the Lutheran School Ministry Program?

The LSM program is a professional development opportunity that:

  • Informs individuals of the Biblical doctrines taught in Lutheran schools
  • Trains individuals in integrating the faith in the Lutheran school classroom
  • Identifies the Lutheran ethos and the role of the teacher in a Lutheran church and school
  • Examines vocation in a Lutheran setting
Why is this program important?

Currently, half of the teachers in Lutheran schools have not completed theological training through the CUS universities. This program provides professional development that will help strengthen the Lutheran ethos in schools through the training of the teachers.

Who should complete the program?

This program is for teachers in Lutheran schools who have not completed theological training in LCMS doctrine and may not be eligible or wish to complete the colloquy program.

Does this program replace the colloquy?

The Lutheran School Ministry Program does not replace colloquy. Colloquy prepares non-synodically trained teachers in Lutheran schools for membership in The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. The LSM does not lead to membership on the LCMS roster.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of each module in the program is $600. A discounted price of $2000 is offered to individuals who wish to complete all four modules. The $2000 discount must be paid before an individual starts the first module.

Are there any benefits for completing the program?

Yes! Along with the professional development, individuals who complete all four modules may transfer the LSM program for SOC 565 in Concordia’s M.Ed. programs.

How is the LSM program different from other programs intended to strengthen the ethos of Lutheran schools?

The LSM uses an online, 8-week format to provide meaningful dialog, activities, and investigations into key areas of Lutheran schools. Participants are able to interact with instructors in the online classroom. The instructors are experts in their field and have a strong passion for supporting teachers in Lutheran schools.