Scholarships at Concordia

The tuition, room, board and other higher education costs are not the amount you'll pay for your education at Concordia University, Nebraska. Our scholarships recognize academic excellence, performance and talent, leadership potential and commitment to faith and service. 

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Merit Aid

Merit aid, also known as academic scholarship, is awarded based on your achievements and potential to contribute to the university's community. The amount of the scholarship is based upon your academic profile: a combination of your high school GPA, in some cases a standardized test score (ACT/CLT/SAT) and other academic measures. You will automatically be considered for a merit scholarship upon acceptance to Concordia.

Fall 2024 Amount1 First-year College Student Academic Scholarship High School GPA and/or Index Score

President's Scholarship

$20,000 Regent's Scholarship 4.0
$19,000 Regent's Scholarship 3.88-3.99
$18,000 Dean's Scholarship 3.68-3.87
$17,000 Dean's Scholarship 3.38-3.67
$16,000 Achievement Award 2.00-3.37

1 Scholarship amounts are available for incoming, first-year students only

2 The Academic Index Score is calculated using a student's GPA and ACT/CLT/SAT scores.

Faith-Based Scholarships

We’re committed to ensuring our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ have the opportunity to receive a Lutheran, Christ-centered education. Faith-based scholarships are available for students, regardless of your denomination. 

Lutheran Guarantee 2022.jpg

Lutheran Guarantee for Undergraduate Students 

Concordia Nebraska guarantees $25,000 minimum per year in institutional scholarships and grants if you are: 

  • A member of a Lutheran congregation  
  • A dependent of a Concordia alumnus  
  • A dependent of a full-time, professional, rostered Lutheran church worker  
  • A graduate of a Lutheran high school  

While the minimum is $25,000, many of our scholarships stack. In fact, last year the average amount of institutional scholarships and grants received by those who qualified for the Lutheran Guarantee was more than $27,000! 

Available to students starting at Concordia in Fall 2023. 

Congregations for Concordia University, Nebraska Scholarship - $1,100/yr

Awarded by the Congregations for Concordia University, Nebraska.   
Student must be a member of a CCUNE congregation. Automatically awarded upon church membership confirmation and renewable for three consecutive years.  

Lutheran Heritage Award - $2,500/yr

Any student belonging to a Lutheran denomination is eligible for this award. 

Brommer Art Scholarship Award

The winner of the Brommer Art Scholarship Award shall demonstrate a strong witness of Christian faith, great work as a student and strong representation in the annual student art exhibition. Available for current art majors. 

LCMS Congregational Aid - Various Amounts

Awarded by the districts of the LCMS  

Student must be a member of an LCMS congregation and enrolled in a professional church work program at Concordia. The FAFSA is required to be filed to determine need. All districts have deadlines and funds are limited. Download and submit the District Financial Aid application to Concordia's Financial Aid Office before your district's deadline. To view deadlines and information specific to your district, go to the District Financial Aid web page. 

Vogt Scholarship

Awarded by the Gil and Blondie Vogt Scholarship Fund 

Students must be a Nebraska resident, a member of the LCMS, enrolled in a professional church work program at Concordia and be able to demonstrate substantial financial need. If interested in applying for the scholarship, please send a letter expressing your interest and qualifications to: 

King of Kings Lutheran Church  
ATTN: Vogt Scholarship Committee Chair, 11615 I St. 
Omaha, NE 68137 

Church Work Scholarships

Church Work Guarantee.jpg

Church Work Guarantee

Concordia is dedicated to providing workers for God’s kingdom on earth. To make your Christ-centered education more affordable and accessible, our promise to each full-time student enrolled in a church work program is a minimum amount of institutional aid, resulting in a tuition balance of $10,000 or less for your first year. Additional aid from your home congregation, LCMS District and state and federal aid may be stacked on top of our commitment to further reduce the cost of tuition. 

LCMS Church Work Scholarship - amount varies

Awarded to LCMS students enrolled in one of Concordia's church work programs. This award is designed to assist those seeking professional church work positions within the LCMS. Financial need is not required. 

Koch Scholarship - $1,500/yr

Requires admittance into the pre-seminary program. 

Marflow Endowment - amount varies

Requires admittance into the pre-seminary program. Available for juniors or seniors.

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Thom Endowment - amount varies

Requires admittance into the pre-seminary program. Available for juniors or seniors. 

The Class of 1933 Endowment

Preference will be given to students in Lutheran teaching via education and service to the church. In order to be considered for this award, the student must be an art education major and pursuing an LCMS degree certificate. Available for current art majors. 

Talent Scholarships

Talent scholarships are available to all incoming students and are awarded based on athletic and performance abilities. The scholarships are awarded by recommendation of the department chair, director or coach. Concordia offers scholarships in each of the following performance areas: 



Athletic scholarships are available for all 22 Concordia athletic teams.

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Various levels of scholarships are available for students pursuing an art degree.

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Collegiate Leadership Competition Team

Scholarships are available for incoming freshmen interested in joining the Collegiate Leadership Competition team.

Collegiate Leadership Competition Team


Earn a scholarship as part of the esports team, whether you're a player or part of the production crew.

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Available for students who will take lessons and participate in one of Concordia's curricular ensembles.

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Programming Team

The programming team at Concordia offers scholarships available for incoming freshmen.

Programming Team

Speech and Debate

Speech and Debate offers a number of scholarships to students who participate on the team.

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The theatre department provides scholarships to students, majors and non-majors, who are interested in theatre.

Take center stage


Uzziah Scholars

Scholarships are available for students studying in agriculture-related programs. 

Uzziah Scholars

Transfer Student Academic Scholarships

These scholarships are available if you're transferring from another college or university. Transfer student academic scholarships are automatically be offered upon acceptance to Concordia Nebraska and are based on your most current transcript with a minimum of 24 hours of college credit. In some cases, as a transfer student with less than 24 hours of college credit, you may still qualify for merit scholarships. 

Fall 2024 Amount Transfer Scholarship Transcript GPA/Eligibility
$21,000 Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Available to Phi Theta Kappa members
$20,000 Regent's Scholarship 3.75-4.0
$19,000 Regent's Scholarship 3.40-3.74
$18,000 Dean's Scholarship 3.0-3.39
$17,000 Dean's Scholarship 2.70-2.99
$16,000 Achievement Scholarship 1.0-2.69

Nebraska Career Scholarship  

New Concordia University students who are Nebraska residents pursuing specific high-need degree programs including health and technology-related fields may be eligible to receive $2,500 - $4,000 scholarships per year provided by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. 


Financial Aid For All

At Concordia University, Nebraska, we are committed to making a high-quality Christian Lutheran education as affordable and accessible as possible.

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Financial Services for Students

Our team of financial counselors are committed to helping you find ways of navigating your college financial needs.

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