Scholars Programs

Concordia’s Academic Communities

Concordia University, Nebraska’s scholar programs offer cultivated, focused academic communities on campus to help you find meaning and connection with your peers, develop your character and convictions and inspire deeper learning in topics you care about. 

A group of students hanging out by the creation sculpture at the center of quad.

Luke Scholars Concordia's Honors Program

The Luke Scholars program aims to cultivate students of high potential and great will into capable servants and intellectual stewards, mindful of the gifts with which they have been blessed and conscious of their duty to serve and lead.

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Micah ScholarsConcordia's Pre-Health Scholars Program

Micah Pre-Health Scholars is designed to help students be successful in their healthcare vocations through hands-on experiences, community support and graduate or professional school preparation. 

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Paul Scholars Concordia's Work Education Program

Paul Scholars are servant leaders, using their vocations to reflect Christ’s light and to help others build a life in Christ. 

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Uzziah Scholars Concordia's Ag Scholarship Program

As a Uzziah Scholar, you will be challenged to solve real-world challenges, explore the many facets of agriculture in depth and be a part of creating sustainable, long-lasting and ethically sound agriculture practices for the future. 

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