Graduate Tuition & Indirect Costs

The cost of attendance reflects the amount of money a typical student is projected to need for school-related expenses during the academic year based on where they live and degree program.

2023-24 Yearly Direct Costs for Graduates

Full-Time Online Student MED/MSC MHA/MPH MBA GBC (9 Hrs)
Tuition for 18 hours (6 hours a semester Fall, Spring, Summer) $6,120 $9,000 $9,990 $3,375

When figuring cost of any college, it is important to include charges from the college (direct Costs) along with other expenses you will incur throughout the year (indirect costs). Indirect costs can include books and personal expenses. Concordia has estimated the most common indirect costs students incur throughout an academic year:

2022-23 Estimated Yearly Indirect Costs for Graduates

Full-Time Online Student MED/MSC MHA/MPH MBA GBC (9 Hrs)
Housing and Food $7,424 $7,424 $7,424 $3,712
Books and Supplies $1,270 $1,270 $1,270 $635
Personal Expenses $1,579 $1,612 $1,620 $901
Total Estimated Indirect Costs $10,273 $10,306 $10,314 $5,248
Total Direct and Indirect Costs $16,393 $19,306 $20,304 $8,623

What is Standard Cost of Attendance?

Video: What is Cost of Attendance?

  • The federal government requires each school to develop its own standard allowances for living expenses (which includes books and supplies, room, board, transportation, and personal expenses) to award financial aid in a consistent manner for all students. Calculation of living expenses reflect the Consumer Price Index (calculated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • This tool is for you to investigate the different costs that may be associated with attending Concordia University. Due to your personal choices, Concordia’s standard allowance for some expenses may not match your actual costs. Concordia is unable to award more financial aid in an academic year than the determined standard allowances.