Why Get a Bachelor’s in Business Administration?

Published by Hope Nelson 2 months ago on Mon, Nov 27, 2023 2:36 PM

Business administration is “the managing of duties involved with keeping a company running for daily operations and growth,” according to Indeed. Business administrators work both on long-term and short-term projects within a business and ensure their progress and completion so that an organization can continue running smoothly. It is evident, therefore, that employees in this field are indispensable in the operations of organizations and companies across the globe. At Concordia University, Nebraska, earning your bachelor’s degree in business administration will ensure that you can be part of an extremely influential population of new employees. 

Business administration is arguably one of the most versatile college majors. Depending on their level of education, chosen specialty for further study and interests, among other factors, the jobs available to business administration graduates are numerous. Consider the industry of finance, for example. Within it, a worker with a bachelor’s degree in business administration could find himself or herself employed as a human resources specialist, a financial analyst, or a member of management. Each job description requires an employee who knows how to keep a business operating daily.  

Even areas typically less associated with “business” can employ skilled and qualified business administrators. The medical field is one example. Health services managers typically earn over $100,000 per year by directing and coordinating the activities of healthcare providers. Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare centers often employ human resources specialists and business analysts – this goes to show that business administration is the perfect degree for students who like business but want the flexibility to work somewhere other than an office.  

For students who may plan to enter the workforce immediately after earning their bachelor’s degree, the business administration major is likely a good fit. Very few jobs in the field require a graduate degree, even though salaries can be well over the $100,000 mark and increase with further experience and/or education. Graduate education is readily available for students who wish to gain more knowledge – Concordia's Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is one such option. Related degree programs at Concordia include its master’s degrees in athletic administration, educational administration and healthcare administration. Concordia’s Nonprofit Management MBA certificate is an even more specialized offering for students interested in working for nonprofit organizations.  

Undergraduate students who have more specific interests in the field of business may choose to take on a related minor, such as marketing, accounting, leadership or communication. These minors can expose you to more options for specialization in the field, allow you to take interesting courses and bolster your skill set in a narrower area.  

Perhaps, as a business administration student, none of the previously discussed options appeal to you. Luckily, your major offers you even more options for future careers, especially if you consider yourself to be a particularly independent and creative individual. At Concordia, choosing to major in business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship will offer you the opportunity to learn how to start your own business. With a strong background in business practices as well as several entrepreneurship-specific courses, you will leave Concordia prepared to be your own boss.  

No matter your career goals, aspirations, plans for further education, or anything else, a degree in business administration from Concordia will set you up for future success by providing a solid foundation in Christian faith and ethics for your post-graduation life. The world of business is one of decisions, especially as a business administrator. Thus, it is vital for students of this discipline to enter this world knowing their value as well as the Lord, who will guide their actions and decisions.  

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