B.S. Agricultural Science

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At Concordia Nebraska, we believe in promoting the well-being of God’s creation through a Christ-centered education with our bachelor’s degree in agriculture. Here, you will have the opportunity to prepare for a career in production agriculture or advanced study in an agricultural graduate or professional school. Through Concordia’s ag degree, you will study a broad selection of agriculture courses that look at food production from start to finish so you are ready for careers in fields such as  

  • Agriculture,  
  • Natural resource-related sales,   
  • Ag finance,  
  • Extension office,  
  • Government agency,  
  • Land-use organization, 
  • Farmer or  
  • Rancher

Agricultural Science Courses

120 credit hours
98% career outcome rate1
15:1 Student-to-faculty ratio

Be a steward of God’s earth! 

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Program Highlights


Concordia University, Nebraska’s agriculture program equips students with a well-rounded and balanced educational program that will challenge you to become an effective communicator, critical thinker and ethical decision-maker. Concordia’s Christ-centered, excellent academics will prepare you to be a leader in the agriculture field through dynamic, real-world learning experiences so you can inspire and serve others and fulfill your calling. 

Food Production from Start to Finish 

Agribusiness: Learn the fundamentals of agricultural economics and finance to prepare you for service in the ag industry. 

Animal Science: Explore the disciplines of animal production, including breeding and genetics, meat science, nutrition and reproductive physiology. 

Food Science: Work closely with food producers on best practices for safe crop and animal production to provide food products. 

Plant Science: Discover the fundamentals of field and forage crop production, including utilization, yield potential, soil fertility relationships and pest management.


Uzziah Scholars

If you've been successfully admitted to Concordia University, Nebraska and plan to study in an agriculture-related program, you may apply for the Uzziah Scholars where you will be challenged to solve real-world challenges, explore the many facets of agriculture in depth and be a part of creating sustainable, long-lasting and ethically sound agriculture practices for the future.

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Industry Partners 

Concordia is blessed with partners who are joining us to build together the future ag industry. 

LOGOS: Pioneer, Corteva, BASF, Aurora Cooperative 


As experts in agricultural science, our faculty and instructors bring years of experience to the classroom. 

Meet the faculty

Meet our students

Olivia Leising
Olivia Leising
Arapahoe, Neb.

In agriculture, you’re constantly being confronted with things that are beyond your control. That’s why having faith in Christ is so important for the job.


Concordia University, Nebraska is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. 

Degree Goals

An agricultural science program graduate from Concordia University, Nebraska will be able to:  

  • Solve problems typical of those that arise in the agricultural industry. 
  • Communicate agriculture concepts and issues clearly in a variety of appropriate ways. 
  • Demonstrate production and management skills and abilities necessary to successfully farm or ranch and/or provide agricultural services in a professional setting. 

Natural Sciences Minors

  • Agricultural Science  
  • Biology  
  • Chemistry  
  • Environmental Studies  
  • Physics 

Career Outcomes


  • Produce crops, livestock or other agricultural goods 
  • Evaluate market conditions, purchase and sell your agricultural products 

Agricultural Marketer 

  • Handle media relations, issue press releases and develop educational materials for an agricultural product or company 
  • Promote farm and commodity interests in your state or region 


  • Conduct research and experiments to improve the productivity and sustainability of food crops 
  • Analyze nutritional content of crops, improve soil treatments or advise crop developers about techniques to enhance production 


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Agricultural Education

A degree in agricultural education from Concordia University, Nebraska will prepare you with the teaching and leadership skills, technical agricultural knowledge and broad general education you need to be a successful middle, high school or community agricultural program agriculture teacher. The ag education program at Concordia can also provide you with the preparation you need to work in agricultural extension, positions in foreign service or as an agricultural educator in business and industry. 

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With a degree in biology from Concordia Nebraska, you will be prepared to begin a career in the biological sciences right away, or to continue your education in graduate, medical, dental or veterinary school. As a biology major at Concordia, you learn essential skills such as time management and mastering complex material, as well as studying more in-depth topics such as microbiology, human anatomy and immunology to give you the knowledge you need to be successful in the field of biology.

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Environmental Science

The environmental science program at Concordia University, Nebraska will prepare you for a variety of environmental careers by providing a core of required courses in different disciplines. You can then choose your area of emphasis: natural resources, geography, chemistry or business.

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Concordia University, Nebraska’s pre-veterinary program will prepare you for veterinary school and your ultimate career as a vet with science courses in biology, zoology and chemistry. Concordia also prepares you for success with an excellent, Christ-centered liberal arts education; you’ll study general math, humanities and business courses to increase your critical thinking, time management and research skills, so you can manage your own practice or find the career of your choice in the veterinary field.

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1 Recent graduates attending graduate school or employed within six months of graduation.