Animal Science

Animal science, the production and management of farm animals, is a vital piece within Concordia University, Nebraska’s Agriculture Science program because students will learn how to manage the animals God put on earth to provide nourishment to humankind.

a Concordia student feeds a calf

Why is Animal Science an Important Part of Ag?

While pursuing Concordia’s Agricultural Science degree, you will receive hands-on experiences learning about animal production and the role it plays in the agriculture industry. With livestock or poultry operations found on nearly half of Nebraska farms, it’s imperative you are equipped to work with these animals and know how to care for them. In the program, you will work closely with local ag producers in the field, to understand trends taking place in Nebraska, the U.S. and the world.  

What You’ll Learn Through the Animal Science Area of Focus

You’ll learn about the beef, equine, poultry, sheep and swine industries in Nebraska, the U.S. and world. There will also be an introduction to the disciplines of animal production, including breeding and genetics, meat science, nutrition and reproductive physiology. Course topics within the Agriculture Science program will include the broad scope of the animal industries and their contributions to humankind on a regional, national and international scale. You’ll learn the best practices for maintaining the health and productivity of livestock for work, reproduction and/or food, in addition to:

  • Five freedoms of animals
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Toxins and poisons
  • Parasites
  • Infectious agents
  • Role of the veterinarian

How You’ll Use Your Animal Science Knowledge

Animal science is integrated into the Agricultural Science degree at Concordia, so you'll learn essentials that will equip you for many different career options. Below are a few examples of careers that will be available to you with your animal science background.

  • Livestock Production Manager
  • Animal Scientist
  • Feed Sales/Management
  • Livestock Equipment Sales/Management
  • Research and Lab Technician