What’s It Like to Have an On-Campus Job?

Published by Hope Nelson 1 month ago on Tue, Feb 20, 2024 10:27 AM

At Concordia University, Nebraska, students have many unique opportunities to find employment only a few minutes’ walk from their dormitory. On-campus jobs at Concordia are plentiful and offer students of all interests, backgrounds and academic majors the chance to earn some extra cash while they’re completing their education. Whether you’re looking for a four-hour or twenty-hour commitment per week, student employment at Concordia is a possibility for you.  

Having an on-campus job is both like and unlike having an off-campus job. While you are not required to travel more than a few minutes to arrive at work, you must still clock in and out, you may be assigned specific shifts and will still have coworkers and employers. Although you may work with other students, some of your coworkers may also be other members of the community outside of Concordia.  

While most on-campus jobs have defined shifts that take place in person, if you prefer to work on your own schedule or from the comfort of your dorm, there are still options for you. Writing for the Sower student newspaper or making calls for Phonathon are two employment options that tend to have very flexible scheduling options for students.  

Of course, another unique aspect of student employment at Concordia is the flexibility that accompanies nearly all on-campus jobs. Employers understand that students have club meetings, class schedules that change each semester or sports that involve more commitment during only part of the school year. Therefore, if students provide their employers with information about these outside commitments, it is more than likely that their work schedule will be able to fit around them.  

Having a part-time job at Concordia is more than just work; it can be fun, as well! With all the options available to students, there is sure to be one job or another that fits your needs and wants as a prospective student employee. For coffee lovers, being a barista at the 10:31 coffee shop could be a great fit. Sports enthusiasts might enjoy being a football equipment worker during football season or a student supervisor in the Walz weight room. Likewise, readers or those who prefer a quieter, more laid-back environment may appreciate a library job, and students who love music – or must attend recitals for their major – can work as a recital monitor! 

Due to this wide variety of employment opportunities, no two student employees’ days look the same. However, there are some similarities across most employment opportunities. When students arrive at work, they can easily clock in using the Paycor payroll system. This will keep track of how long they’re at work and allow them to deposit their paycheck directly into a bank account of their choice. After clocking in, students might check in with a supervisor or get right to work, depending on their specific duties. The number of hours worked by a single student employee in a week can range from three or four up to 20.  

No matter their specific “job description,” student employees will spend their time contributing to the Concordia community and other Concordia students, whether by composing news articles for them to read, cleaning the Walz weight room, serving dinner in Janzow, or sorting mail in the mailroom. They’ll have the chance to experience balancing a part-time job with the demands of being a college student in an environment that is full of support, flexibility, and understanding as they take steps toward the independence that they will one day experience in a full-time career.  

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