What Can You Do with a Marketing Major?

Published by Hope Nelson 2 weeks ago on Tue, Apr 2, 2024 8:16 AM

Marketing, both effective and ineffective, is all around us. Advertisements, blogs, websites and anything else that an organization might use to attract potential customers to its products and/or services fall under the category of marketing. With a marketing major from Concordia University, Nebraska, you can learn how to make the most effective promotional decisions possible within the organizations or companies you’ll serve – so why choose a major in marketing, anyway?  

In the marketing program at Concordia, you’ll take courses in and learn about consumer behavior, marketing campaigns, marketing in the digital age and the details of distribution and sales work, all in Concordia’s Paul H. and Mary Ann Koehler Department of Business. You’ll be able to approach marketing and business from a Christ-centered perspective, learning how to advance any future organization where you may find employment through ethical and faith-informed business practices.  

Many marketing-related jobs only require applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree. For example, you may find work as a marketing assistant, social media or events manager or copywriter after graduating from college. Although the degree requirements for these positions don’t often include graduate school, you will gain on-the-job experience working on different projects, allowing you to hone your creative, critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills.  

Most organizations, from universities to multinational corporations like Google, utilize the skills of marketers daily to spread the word about their products and/or services. This opens a multitude of career options for undergraduates interested in marketing and means that marketing majors have ample opportunity to specialize. While in college, a student interested in marketing and art, for example, may add a graphic design minor – or even a major. For future marketers more interested in the technical aspects of the field, adding a business major, minor or choosing a business major with a concentration in marketing may be a beneficial choice.  

Although earning a graduate degree in marketing or a related field is certainly not a prerequisite for finding rewarding work as a marketer, many options are available for students who wish to further their education after college. Concordia’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) concentration in marketing is one such option. Earning a master’s degree allows students to move upward in their field, take on a new position, or assume new responsibilities. In marketing, master’s-level employees are more likely to be managers, specialists or directors, overseeing the duties of specialized marketing teams and communicating with outside departments.  

Further, marketing students may be drawn to a particular industry. Most major industries have brand managers, social media managers, public relations specialists, and product marketers. You could find yourself working in the fashion industry, at a university, or even for a pet food company! The possibilities are truly endless and depend on your unique skills, interests and passions.  

Exploring these interests during one’s undergraduate career is indispensable in finding a job that suits you after graduation. Marketing internships and shadowing experiences are two such ways for students to discover what inspires and excites them. Additionally, some internships can become entry-level jobs after graduation – so students should take steps to reflect on whether their internship experience is something that they’d like to pursue as a full-time career. Even if a particular internship isn’t the best fit, gaining hands-on experience in the industry is a terrific addition to a resume.  

So if you are a student who’s interested in brand promotion, learning ethical and Christ-centered business practices and how consumers interact with products, marketing may be the right major for you. With plenty of opportunities to take part in fascinating undergraduate courses, a wide range of available internships and myriad options for career and specialization, marketing is a field where many students find their calling.  

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