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Concordia Business Club

Phi Beta Lambda is Concordia's business club, with membership open to business majors and non-majors alike. Members develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills through active participation with fellow students, the community and the church.

Bi-weekly meetings keep student members up to date with activities throughout the year. Attending conferences and other professional growth activities are a part of the Phi Beta Lambda experience. Through Phi Beta Lambda, members gain new friendships, better communication skills, and the experience of working in groups in pursuit of achieving common goals.

PBL meets Thursdays at 9:30 p.m., in the Jesse basement every other week.

Projects that business club members have initiated and sustained over the years are:


  • 10:31 Coffee
    The 10:31 Coffee started in 2008 when the business club was called SIFE. Phi Beta Lambda student members manage the business on campus. Through 10:31 Coffee, members of Phi Beta Lambda can increase and demonstrate techniques of owning and operating a small business, as well as managing inventory.
  • Career and Graduate Fair
    Business club members became involved in the Career and Graduate Fair in 2002. Members are in charge of contacting businesses and employers to attend the event. Through the Career and Graduate Fair, members of Phi Beta Lambda implement and develop networking (communication) skills, personal presentation skills, and professional insights.
  • Women in Business Luncheon
    The Women in Business Luncheon was established in 2003 and is held during the spring semester. The goal of the Women in Business Luncheon is to honor women leaders in the business community of Seward County. Over the years, the Women in Business Award has become an award that is treasured by Seward business women. Through the Women in Business Luncheon, members of Phi Beta Lambda apply and refine skills such as event planning, networking/communication, and formal dining.