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Nebraska's Comprehensive Ag Program

The agriculture industry is essential for the growth and prosperity of the world, including the people, plants and animals who live in it. Concordia University, Nebraska’s agriculture programs can equip you with the skills you need to be a good steward of God’s earth, to think critically and solve the problems facing the agriculture industry today.

The agriculture programs at Concordia Nebraska focus on four foundational disciplines within the agriculture field: agribusiness, animal science, food science and plant science, so you’re best-prepared to serve in ag after graduation, whether that’s in agricultural education, agricultural science or agribusiness, so you can help create sustainable, long-lasting and ethically sound agriculture practices for the future.

Ag-Focused Academic Programs



With a concentration in agribusiness at Concordia University, you will learn the necessary skills to become an essential part of the food supply industry. As an agricultural producer on a farm or ranch or in a business that provides services and supplies to those operations, you will apply business principles to real-world issues and opportunities within the agricultural and life sciences industries.

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Agricultural Science

Through Concordia’s ag degree, you will study a broad selection of agriculture courses that look at food production from start to finish so you are ready for a career in agriculture or natural resource-related sales, ag finance, or work in an extension office, government agency, land use organization or in production agriculture as a farmer or rancher.

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Agricultural Education

A degree in agricultural education from Concordia University, Nebraska will prepare you with the teaching and leadership skills, technical agricultural knowledge and broad general education you need to be a successful middle, high school or community agricultural program agriculture teacher. The ag education program at Concordia can also provide you with the preparation you need to work in agricultural extension, positions in foreign service or as an agricultural educator in business and industry. 

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Concordia Nebraska Ag Industry Partners

Concordia is blessed with partners who are joining us to build together the future ag industry.


Nebraska Ag Summit

The Nebraska Ag Summit at Concordia University will provide area high school students with interactive educational sessions and activities as they learn about the four main components of agriculture from industry experts. The goal of this event is to provide students with further insight into the agriculture industry and why it’s important for the next generation to learn the latest best practices as they prepare for their future service in the industry.

Nov 17, 2021 8:30 AM

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Concordia Catalyst Competition

The Concordia Catalyst Competition organized each year by the agriculture programs at Concordia University, Nebraska offers ag students the chance to present an idea for creating a potential business, testing their entrepreneurship skills and providing them meaningful feedback for business plans that could become actual businesses in the future.

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