Visual Arts

Department of Art

Concordia’s Department of Art is a community of visual artists and designers committed to an innovative program, a rigorous work ethic and an attitude of artistic integrity. Together they form the premier Christian visual arts learning community in the Midwest.

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Marxhausen Gallery

The Marxhausen Gallery of Art on campus hosts the artwork of students, faculty and professional artists from around the world. Through a diverse mix of exhibitions, performances, screenings and conversations, the gallery provides a public forum for the presentation and contemplation of contemporary art, curatorial practice and scholarship.

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Center for Liturgical Art

The Center for Liturgical Art was established as an institute of Concordia University, Nebraska to create art for worship and witness, while advocating for visual arts in Christian life and practice. Through internships and volunteer opportunities, you can join a group of artists who share the importance of ecclesiastical art and the impact it has on our lives as Christians.

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