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Music Faculty

Concordia University, Nebraska's Music Faculty are distinguished by excellence in teaching and scholarship. Their expertise inspires in the classroom, makes them leaders in their academic field and impacts the church and world.

Jeffrey Blersch

Professor of Music, University Organist

Dr. Jeffrey Blersch, professor of music, loves helping students find and develop their inner musicians. Learn more about Dr. Blersch in this Faculty 5 video.

Elizabeth Grimpo

Professor of Music

Music professor Dr. Elizabeth Grimpo hopes her students' performances, as well as her own, are a blessing to all who hear them.

Joseph Herl

Professor of Music

Picking music apart and figuring out what makes it work is Dr. Joe Herl's favorite thing to do in class. Learn more about Dr. Herl in this Faculty 5 video.

Nicole Jacobs

Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Music Therapy

We have something very special here. The students, staff and faculty are some of the best people I have ever met. I wake up excited to come to campus every morning.

Professor of music therapy Nicole Jacobs wants you to not just earn your degree, but also graduate ready to follow your passion and do what you love. Learn more about Professor Jacobs in this Faculty 5 video.

Kurt von Kampen

Professor of Music, Chair of the Music Department, Director of Choral Activities

Dr. Kurt E. von Kampen, music professor and director of the A Cappella Choir, wants you to use your God-given gifts to serve your higher purpose, whatever that may be. Learn more about Dr. von Kampen in this Faculty 5 video.