Micah Scholars

Concordia’s Pre-Health Scholars Program 

Concordia University, Nebraska’s Micah Pre-Health Scholars program is designed to support students interested in healthcare careers through hands-on experiences working in healthcare, close relationships with professors, practicing health professionals and peers who share their interests, and graduate or professional school preparation. Rooted in Lutheran Christian values and ethics, the Micah Scholars program encourages a service-minded approach to healthcare vocations. 

Micah Scholars

“And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8). 

What is a Micah Scholar?

In the Bible, the prophet Micah called God’s people to do justice, love mercy and humbly follow the Lord. Concordia’s Micah Scholars have heard the prophet’s call. The Lord has given them a heart for service and a head for science and a desire to use these gifts in healthcare to demonstrate the mercy of God in service to others.  

Micah Scholars meet throughout the academic year to exercise the gifts the Lord has given them as they prepare for service in the healthcare vocations. This includes participation in on- and off-campus experiences such as

  • volunteering together in healthcare vocations, 
  • rigorous study halls to promote success in the most challenging pre-health courses, 
  • guest presentations and lectures focused on the health sciences 
  • and healthcare facility tours. 

Year 1: Focus on academics and certification 

  • Get CPR and one additional certification 
  • Join a volunteer ministry 
  • Work towards mastery in foundational science courses 

Year 2: Focus on gaining experience in healthcare 

  • Use previously obtained certifications to work in healthcare vocations  
  • Volunteer ministry continues  
  • Some “job shadowing” begins 
  • Work toward mastery in advanced science courses 

Year 3: Focus on applications and international experience

  • Complete an international medical mission trip  
  • Study for an entrance exam (MCAT, PCAT, OAT, DAT, GRE, etc.) 
  • Write personal statements and prepare for interviews  
  • Working in healthcare continues  
  • Move into leadership roles in volunteer ministries 
  • Matriculate into professional programs 

Year 4: Focus on biomedical research 

  • Work towards mastery in the most advanced courses required for your health professions program and go beyond, pushing the boundaries of what is known in the health sciences by doing original research with a faculty mentor. 

Apply to be a Micah Scholar

Anyone who has been successfully admitted to Concordia University, Nebraska, intends to enter the healthcare vocations and has met the minimum high school academic prerequisites may be eligible to become a Micah Scholar. 

To become a Micah Scholar, please indicate an interest in the Micah Scholars program on your application to Concordia. 

If you’ve already submitted your application to Concordia but are interested in becoming a Micah Scholar, please email micahscholars@cune.edu

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Frequently Asked Questions


For questions about the Micah Scholars program, email micahscholars@cune.edu.