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Winter 2023

Vol. 101 No. 2

A Harmony of Cooperation 
From art to bees, Don Dynneson finds beauty and opportunity in every circumstance. 

Once a Bulldog, Forever a Bulldog 
Many of Concordia’s full-time faculty are also proud Concordia alumni. 

To Joyfully Serve 
Concordia students have the opportunity to explore their many vocations. 

Make it Genuine 
Rev. Dr. Andrew Watkins excels at finding connections with his students, even online. 

Embracing the Legacy of Lutheran Education 
Serving at a Christ-centered learning institution is an investment in the future of families, churches, communities and beyond. 

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Summer 2023

Vol. 100 No. 2

A New Composition 
Concordia’s innovative Borland Center will equip students to create excellent music and theatre for the church and world. 

Concordia’s Academic Communities 
Concordia’s academic communities help students find their place on campus. 

The Light We Shine in His World 
Concordia’s institutes serve the church and world through their impact. 

Advancing Christian Schools 
Concordia’s graduate school strives to address common challenges facing Christian schools. 

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Winter 2022

Vol. 100 No. 1

Lutheran Education in the Real World 
Lutheran education is more important now than it has ever been. 

Prepared to Serve 
Concordia offers students options for a rigorous education that prepares them for their vocations after graduation. 

A Lutheran Chapel 
Concordia’s chapel focuses on spending time in the Word. 

A Fellowship of Sowers 
Concordia’s Sower Fellowships are designed to provide participants with solutions to pressing problems in the church and world. 

Finding a New Way to Serve 
Concordia is fostering a Christ-centered community to encourage future church workers in traditional and not-so-traditional roles. 

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Summer 2022

Vol. 99 No. 2

Hymns of the Season
Dr. Elizabeth Grimpo creates arrangements of hymns for all levels of piano students. 

Growing Relationships
Concordia’s dual credit classes help students earn college credit, enjoy expanded education options and much more.

Just Call Me Jerry
Dr. Jerry Pfabe has been an integral part of the Concordia University, Nebraska community for 55 years.

Caring for the Future
Concordia’s new partnership will help students earn their nursing degree in just four years.

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Winter 2021

Vol. 99 No. 1

History Preserved
What began as a class project has turned into a lifelong friendship.
Part of a Legacy
Concordia students Hannah and Rebekah Eatherton come from a family with strong ties to Concordia.
A Diversified Student Body
Cultural diversity has long been an important part of Concordia's tradition.
A familiar art piece found a new home in the Dunklau Center for Science, Math and Business.

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Summer 2021

Vol. 98 No. 2

Eyes on a Higher Purpose
Every role in education requires dedication and service above and beyond the listed job description.

A Random Tuesday Afternoon
Alum Rebekah Freed uses her talents to serve behind the scenes.

A Graduate Program with Value(s)
Lisa Thompson attended Concordia’s commencement ceremony in May 2021 as a tribute to her late mother, who inspired her to pursue her master’s degree.

Unsung Heroes
Some Concordia alums are serving in simple, but meaningful ways.

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Winter 2020

Vol. 98 No. 1

Humbled to Heed God’s Call
Dr. Bernard Bull has accepted a Divine Call to serve as Concordia’s 11th president.

In Harmony
Concordia’s Music Center will soon be remastered into a new 46,500 square-foot collaboration and study center.

For 25 years, Plum Creek Literacy Festival has been sharing the love of writing, reading and creating.

Seeing the Whole Person
Alumnus Nate Sprengel went from school teacher to doctor of osteopathic medicine.

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Summer 2020

Vol. 97 No. 2

Faith Over Fear
Concordia alums are among those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Class in the Time of COVID
When the coronavirus hit, Concordia’s faculty scrambled to adjust to online classes.

Of Uncertain Origin
The influenza pandemic of 1918 hit Seward County, and Concordia University, Nebraska, with a wave of death, fear and uncertainty.

Grace Upon Grace
A group of Concordia student teachers were provided the unique experience of teaching classes online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finding God in a Pandemic
Concordia alums serving in China were among the first to witness the spread of COVID-19.

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Winter 2019

Vol. 97 No. 1

Sixty Years of DCE Ministry
Dr. Bill Karpenko reflects on the creation and influence of Directors of Christian Education.

In God's Hands
Concordia alumni spread His light in Cambodia.

Be Grim
An ordinary boy has spent his whole life in training to become his alter-ego.

Continuing Education
Three Concordia alumni are earning their graduate degrees in unexpected fields.

With Great Love
Kim Marxhausen shares her experiences with caregiving in a new book.

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Summer 2019

Vol. 96 No. 2

How Will You Answer the Call?
God has called Concordia to be a leader in Lutheran, Christian higher education, and you are an essential key to making that possible. 

Business as Usual
Concordia professors and students use their business skills to serve others.

Rooted in Faith
Dennis Brink is building a new kind of agricultural science program at Concordia, developing stewards to care for God’s resources.

Though Waters Roar and Foam
Two Concordia alumni organize long-term relief ministry in Fremont after flood damage.

Strong Like Fritz
The Krieger family is using a devastating diagnosis to find a new kind of strength.

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Winter 2018

Vol. 96 No. 1

An American in Shenzhen
A once-in-a-lifetime trip to China illuminates the character of Concordia students.

Stewards of the Earth
A new agricultural science major is coming to Concordia.

Honor Bound
Concordia celebrates its 125th anniversary with the launch of its first honors program, the Luke Scholars Program.

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Summer 2018

Vol. 95 No. 2

Good Works
Dr. Kathy Miller's sociology classes experience the impact of sociology in practice firsthand.

A Light on the Path
The 2018 Young Alumnus of the Year, Rev. Dr. Heath Trampe '05, rediscovered his faith at Concordia.

Life Support
Concordia alumnus Jason Hesman '98 knows that God will direct your path, even if you're not paying attention.

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Winter 2017

Vol. 95 No. 1

The Flying Concordians
On the ground and in the air, Concordia prepares its alumni to serve and lead in the church and world.

Something to Write Home About
An acclaimed television writer attributes her success to encouragement of friends, family and the Concordia experience.

Shining Christ's Light
A new program at Concordia aims to help train educators to serve in our Lutheran schools.

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Summer 2017

Vol. 94 No. 2

Hitting the Right Notes
Concordia's music department vaults into the future with ambitious plans.

Promises of a Lutheran Education
Four foundational elements exemplify Concordia's promise of what it means to receive a Lutheran education.

Adopting Hope
Two Concordia alumni are serving the world one child at a time.

Planning for the Future
Concordia's master facility plan map highlights future campus projects.

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Winter 2016

Vol. 94 No. 1

Keeper of the Dream
Gary Spiller '00 wants to make the world a more equitable, inclusive place.

The Rest is History
A collection of artifacts demonstrates the rich tradition of Concordia.

The "Ghost" of David Hall
Generations of students have reported hauntings in Concordia's David Hall dormitory.

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Summer 2016

Vol. 93 No. 2

Restoring the Light
Two Concordia sophomores are spreading awareness and inspiring others to take a stand against social injustice in the world.

In the Field with Faith
Nature-lover Jennifer Fruend and her husband, former-lawyer-turned-educator Jonathon Moberly, bring out the best in each other and their students.

Awesome God
Angela Steinbacher '17 reflects on the mission and service of Concordia students, faculty and staff in Guatemala.

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Winter 2015

Vol. 93 No. 1

Into the Heart of Ebola
Stephanie Williams GR '15 uses her God-given talents and Concordia graduate degree to serve in the fight against Ebola.

The Serendipity of a Life Together
Reinhold and Dorris Marxhausen lived a joyful life with a passion for art, Concordia and each other.

Fulfilling the Call
Drs. Amanda Geidel '96 and Torri Lienemann improve the lives of special education students through their leadership of Concordia’s special education programs.

Digging into the Word
Alexa Marquardt '13 traveled more than 6,500 miles to the Holy Land, opening her eyes to the Bible in ways she couldn’t have anticipated.

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Summer 2015

Vol. 92 No. 2

Tilling the Field
Matt Myers’ past as a missionary is propelling Concordia into the future.

Men With Dreams
Two alumni pass on encouragement and life lessons learned at Concordia to children through their organization, Men With Dreams.

From Gravel to Glory
The men’s track and field team took its performance to another level in 2015, earning the university’s first national title in school history.

Records, wins, milestones and accomplishments are fueling momentum at Concordia.

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Winter 2014

Vol. 92 No. 1

The Man Behind the Table
Dr. Russ Moulds ’76 is an expert at helping others discover their Christian faith, despite his own unconventional journey.

Filling Big Shoes
The experiences of past Concordia leaders guide Brian Friedrich as he embarks on his third five-year presidential term at Concordia.

Moving Forward
For 120 years, Concordia has continued to progress with the social landscape of America.

A Bold & Faithful Witness
Rev. Dr. Paul A. Philp ’95 helps Concordia University System institutions develop and enhance their Lutheran identities in an ever-changing higher education industry.

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Summer 2014

Vol. 91 No. 2

Savior, May Your Voice Be Heard
Thought about a career as a missionary? Rev. John Mehl, director of mission partnerships and church relations at Concordia, shares from his experiences.

Acting Lessons
Theater professor Bryan Moore defends the "black sheep of the arts" and explains why everyone, even you, should participate in theater at least once in your life.

For Such a Time as This
Recent graduate Hannah Kroonblawd writes about teaching in China as a Christian.

Tell the Good News in Song
For 75 years, thousands of voices have proclaimed the Gospel as part of the University A Cappella Choir.

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Winter 2013

Vol. 91 No. 1

Meet the General
The Wyoming credo of "talk less and say more" works just fine for Major General Luke Reiner, the man in charge of that state's military department.  But what he does say is worth a listen.

Pulling Together
A student-led initiative to fight malaria set high goals for funds to be raised.  And then they doubled that amount.

Bold for Christ
Principal Tom Wrege is on a path to make sure his teachers can teach and his students know the love of Christ.

Spies of a Kind
An innovation from the 1980s has a permanent spot in Concordia's teacher education program.

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Summer 2013

Vol. 90 No. 2

Rise with the Raptors
A service learning project helped Ethan Hutton discover a passion for ecology and a new direction for his future.

Multiply the Future
Lesa Covington Clark's success at teaching math doesn't just equal higher test scores for the students in her classroom, it equates to providing greater social justice in their lives. 

Planting Rail Cars & Wheat Fields
As the executive director of Seward County Economic Development, Jonathan Jank aims to keep Seward growing and thriving for years to come.

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Winter 2012

Vol. 90 No. 1

Fight the Night
Concordia students Louisa Mehl and Rebecca Monnier have spearheaded a campaign on campus to help end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015.

A Career in Care
Doug Tieman, a 1977 Concordia graduate, turns an addiction treatment organization into a professional and personal mission.

Share the Dream
Alumni give back to the university to help grant future students the opportunity to have their own Concordia experience.

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Summer 2012

Vol. 89 No. 1

Where gifts, passion and service meet
Recent graduate Amber Konz traveled 8,000 miles to use her gifts in the fight against human trafficking.

Healing for the whole person
Concordia's new health and human service programs offer students the chance to prepare for care ministries.

A mission in music
University music groups celebrate a decades-long tradition of going on tour and proclaiming the Gospel message to audiences across the globe.

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Winter 2011

Vol. 88 No. 2

Help and hope in Joplin
Following a deadly tornado, Concordia alumni in Joplin, Mo., look to the future with hope.

Balancing life and learning
Concordia’s online programs allow students to live their lives and further their education.

Learning in the Sandhills
Dr. Joel Helmer’s annual trip to the Sandhills gives his students the chance to see what they have discussed in the classroom in the field.

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Summer 2011

Vol. 88 No. 1

Help for Haiti
The dream is to establish a Lutheran school system in Haiti, but the first step was to purchase land on which to construct a new school building in Thomassique.

Three alumni: Three stages in life, three paths of service
Our alumni are out serving the church and world. Three alumni talk about their journeys.

Singing the Church’s song
Concordia’s Worship Arts program is preparing students to adapt to the needs of church communities in the 21st century.

European tour: An experience of a lifetime
Each year Dr. Daniel Thurber leads students to places about which they have only read.

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Winter 2010

Vol. 87 No. 2

Living the Vision
Concordia takes steps to fulfill its vision statement for 2015.

Making Art to Serve the Church
Concordia’s Center for Liturgical Arts creates art for praiseful and purposeful worship.

At Work in Asia
“Expanding influence to diverse populations” isn’t just idle talk—Allan and Sandy Schmidt are living it out through their service, now in Vietnam.

A Dream, A Degree, A Calling
Collaboration between Concordia and Omaha Public Schools has given Lisa Clark the opportunity to fulfill her dream of earning her bachelor’s degree and has helped her realize her calling.

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Summer 2010

Vol. 87 No. 1

See You in the Lab
Hands-on research, including lab rats, is a key component to science education at Concordia.

Getting to Concordia
Through the years, traveling to and settling in at Concordia have changed dramatically.

Crime Scene at 545 Grand Avenue
Concordia’s new forensic science emphasis and crime scene house are turning students into CSI specialists.

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Winter 2009

Vol. 86 No. 2

Growth and Gratitude
Concordia celebrates the successful conclusion of the largest fundraising effort in school history.

Beck Brings Wire Service Background to Concordia
Tobin Beck spent nearly 30 years trying to tell stories fairly and pushing for quality writing. All on deadline. Turns out that’s not a bad warm-up for being a professor.

Unforgettable in Spain
Performing for enthusiastic audiences and connecting with the emerging Lutheran church in Spain created an unforgettable experience for students in the University A Cappella Choir.

Lessons from a Stingray
What started as a trip to the beach near her California home for senior Carolyn Chrzan turned into a journey of discovering God’s purpose and His love.

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Summer 2009

Vol. 86 No. 1

Mission Faithful
Concordia sets a compass heading for the year 2015.

Personal Vision
Current students share their plans for matching faith and career.

Straight to the Editor’s Chair
Recent grad Gerri Peterson dreamed of someday running her hometown newspaper. Well, someday turned out to be a few weeks after graduation.

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