Off-Campus Places to Go

Being on a residential campus, numerous opportunities are available for students to get to know other students on campus. What about fun away from campus? Below are listings for activities in Seward, Lincoln and Omaha.

That's The Spirit

July 4th City: Seward, a town known for its friendliness and charm, grows to well over 30,000 on the Fourth of July. The downtown area -- and most of the town for that matter -- is within an easy walking distance of Concordia's campus.

Cheap Flicks

Seward's Rivoli Theatre: It's tough to beat the Rivoli's ticket price per movie these days. And did we mention you can get popcorn and candy there cheap too?

Good Company, Good Tunes, Good Times

Neutral Groundz Coffeehouse: Free coffee, food, and drinks on the Seward city square.

Midnight Run

Seward's Wal-Mart Supercenter: Over an acre of shopping under one roof, open 24-hours a day.

Pizza and More

Seward restaurants: Chinese, Mexican, and American food -- plus plenty of pizza places.

Malls, Malls, Malls

Lincoln's SouthPointe and Gateway malls: You're just a half-hour away from shopping up a storm in Lincoln.

Great Dining

Lincoln's Haymarket District: Take your date to a nice restauraunt and then go for a stroll in this historic part of Lincoln.

Bowling, Yes Bowling

Seward's Sparetime Bowling Alley: Throw a big heavy ball at pins, wear funny looking rented shoes, and hang out with friends who bowl even worse than you do.


Omaha's CenturyLink Center and Lincoln's Pinnacle Bank Arena: These two venues pull in the biggest acts in the world, period. Lincoln and Omaha are also great for Indie Rock -- Spin Magazine went as far as to call Omaha the Indie-Rock Music Capital of the U.S.

Never Enough Movies

Movies in Lincoln: If Seward's Rivoli Theatre doesn't have what you're looking for, head for a Lincoln movie multiplex.

More Fun

Lincoln's Champions Fun Center: Play some putt-putt, take a spin in a go-kart, and improve your self worth by winning big at skeeball.

Real Live Monkeyshines

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo: It's regarded as one of the best zoos in the world and it's just 75 minutes away.

Mix It Up

College life in the city: In Lincoln you can interact with more than 30,000 college students who attend the city’s six universities and colleges.