Biology Major Julia Hitz: “I want my future job to be one that helps others”

Published by Amy Crawford 2 weeks ago on Mon, May 13, 2024 8:00 AM

Julia Hitz just completed her freshman year at Concordia University, Nebraska. A biology major pursuing chemistry and psychology minors, Hitz is in the university’s Luke Scholars Honors Program, she is a soprano in the Cantamus women’s choir and she plays intramural sports including volleyball. She’s looking forward to serving as a resident assistant next school year. 

Hitz has always been interested in biology and the medical field and has enjoyed exploring education options and new opportunities at Concordia Nebraska. 

“I have always had a strong interest in biology and the medical field, and I want my future job to be one that helps others,” she explained. “Concordia Nebraska is a college that really feels like home, both in the campus itself and through the community of students here. I've also been to a community college, and it just can't compare to Concordia in the way you can connect with professors, people on your hall or other students.” 

She said the connections she’s made with students and professors on campus this year have been remarkable. 

I really feel known. It's almost impossible to go anywhere without saying hello to someone, and having those friendships makes the whole college experience so much better,” she said. “My professors have already been so influential in just two semesters I've been on campus, from writing recommendation letters to just asking about my day. Every professor, even in the general education classes, wants you to succeed and will make sure you have the resources you need to do well in their class.” 

Hitz said that in her short time at the university, her professors have been incredibly supportive, helping her refine her skills and determine God’s calling for her life. She has already acquired her Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) certification, which is an important step in her journey to serving in the medical field. She said she isn’t sure exactly what her path will be following graduation, but she dreams of a medical-focused career, possibly in medical research. Ultimately, she desires a medical job that will help others and save lives, she said. 

In addition to helping her discover her vocation, Hitz said her time at the university has definitely strengthened her faith in Jesus Christ. 

“I feel that Concordia Nebraska really does a great job of helping students grow in their faith, especially in their Old and New Testament classes and through chapel services,” she said. “Incorporating daily chapel and Praise into my schedule has made me feel much more connected to God…and being at such a Christ-centered college has been a huge blessing.” 

Hitz’s family recently moved to from the Dallas, Texas, area to central Illinois to be closer to extended family.  Her oldest sister still lives in Texas, and her other sister is studying math at Concordia University, Chicago. She said her family loves to play board games or card games when they are all together.  When she’s not studying or in class, Hitz enjoys reading, hanging out with friends and going for walks and runs. 

Biology majors at Concordia University, Nebraska learn many valuable skills that directly translate to the working world. Classes and labs are taught by faculty with the highest degrees in the biological sciences who are committed to education and their students. The biology program at Concordia Nebraska is for students who want to pursue their chosen vocation not for the sake of wealth, but for the sake of the Kingdom of God and the people He has placed here for us to serve.