Withdrawing from a Course

The final day a student may withdraw from a course without receiving a grade is two weeks prior to the last day of the high school course. When students WITHDRAW from a course, a “W” is recorded on their college transcript with no effect on the college grade point average.

Tuition considerations related to withdrawing

A full tuition refund is available only for the first five (business) days after registrations are submitted to Concordia University Nebraska.  A 50% refund is available until the end of the eighth week of class.  Students do not receive tuition refunds when they withdraw from a course after the eighth week of class.

Grade point average considerations related to withdrawing

If a student considers withdrawing to protect his or her future college GPA, the student should be aware that many institutions do not include transfer credit in their GPA calculations.  Students should check with specific colleges regarding their policies.  Transfer of credit may be available to the student without harm to the GPA.

If a student enrolls at Concordia University Nebraska, the credit is NOT transfer credit, so it WILL be included in the GPA.

How to withdraw from a course

To withdraw from a Concordia Dual Credit Course, Concordia University must receive a written notice signed by the student and the principal or counselor.  (If the student is under the age of 18, a parent’s signature is also required.)  Email notices are NOT sufficient, but a FAXED note bearing the proper signatures will suffice.  A Withdrawal Form can be found here.

Withdrawal Form

The withdrawal notice can be faxed to Concordia’s Dual Credit Office at (402) 643-3328.  Students who complete the Application and Enrollment Form are enrolled in both the high school course and the Concordia University course.  If a student discontinues the high school course, he or she must also withdraw from the Concordia University course.  These are TWO separate processes!