Credit Acceptance Information

Just where will my credit be accepted?

A student does NOT have to attend Concordia University Nebraska in order to receive credit for courses taken during high school in 0the Concordia Dual Credit Program.  The Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredits Concordia University Nebraska.  Other institutions generally accept Concordia credit.  However, students are strongly recommended to check with the institution of their choice regarding the acceptance and application of transfer credit.  It is the institution RECEIVING the credit that determines IF the credit is accepted and HOW it is applied.

In general, students should also remember that as more credits are earned, the likelihood INCREASES that some of the credits may not be able to be used as all colleges and universities have limited requirements for General Education and Elective credits.  In general, if transferring 20 or more credits, some loss may be expected.

Credit Transfer Resources

These resources are intended as a GUIDE and should NOT be considered definitive.  Check directly with the college of choice for specific, accurate acceptance information.

Historical Records: Concordia University

The list here represents the accumulated data for the past 5 years from the Dual Credit 1 Year Survey conducted in December and January every year.  Students who graduated from high school at the end of the previous school year are asked to report where their credit was accepted (or NOT accepted).  The table below represents the compilation of those results and its accuracy may change from year to year as institutional policies change.

University of Connecticut External Transfer Database

The University of Connecticut has compiled transfer data from institution across the country and provides a one to three star ranking on the likelihood of an institution accepting dual credit courses in general. (UCONN)

Please, Let us know!

Students with additional information about college acceptances are encouraged to share that information with Mr. Stellwagen, Dual Credit Program Director, via email at

Credit acceptance information has been updated with December, 2015 data from Survey Monkey.  Past credit acceptance does not guarantee acceptance of recent credit.

Check directly with the college for 100% accuracy!