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Photo of Aaron
Aaron Roberts
Director of Admissions
Photo of Don
Don Robson
Professor of Art, Art Department Chair
Department of Art
Photo of Kay
Kay Rohren
Natural Science & Art Department Administrative Assistant
Department of Art; Department of Natural and Computer Science
Photo of Amy
Amy Royuk
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Department of History, Geography, Intercultural Studies and Modern Foreign Language
Photo of Brent
Dr. Brent Royuk
Professor of Physics, Dean of Arts & Science, Faculty Representative to the GPAC
Department of Natural and Computer Science
Photo of Mark
Mark Samuels
Assistant Track and Field/Cross Country Coach
Photo of Sharolyn
Sharolyn Sander
Alumni Council
Photo of Kenneth
Dr. Kenneth Sankey
Director of Education Administration and Liaison to LCMS School Leadership Education Program
Department of Education
Photo of Lorinda
Dr. Lorinda Sankey
Dean of the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences; Head of Teacher Education
Department of Education; Department of Health and Human Performance
Photo of Michael
Michael Scheer
Art and Design Coordinator
Center for Liturgical Art
Photo of Jacob
Jacob Schmidt
Computer Service Program Anaylyst
Computing Services
Photo of Matthew
Matthew Schranz
System Analyst Programmer
Computing Services
Photo of Bill
Bill Schranz
Director of Education & Synodical Careers
Academic Student Services; Student Affairs; Department of Education
Photo of Morganne
Morganne Schreiner
Financial Analyst
Accounting, Finance & Operations
Photo of Andrew
Dr. Andrew Schultz
Assistant Professor of Music
Department of Music
Photo of Timothy
Timothy Schwan
Appleton, Wis.
Board of Regents
Photo of Scott
Scott Seevers
Sr. VP of Enrollment Management & Marketing
Admissions; President's Office
Photo of Robin
Robin Seim
Hospitality/Events Committee Chair
Alumni Council
Photo of Shawn
Shawn Semler
Head Softball Coach
Photo of Kelly
Kelly Shaver
Regional Ambassador
Admissions; Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations
Photo of Curt
Curt Sherman
Sr. Director of Strategic Initiatives and Investments, Chief Information Officer
Accounting, Finance & Operations
Photo of Ed
Ed Siffring
University Registrar
Photo of Stewart
Stewart Sikes
Associate Registrar
Photo of Devin
Devin Smith
Director of Athletics