Theology Faculty

Concordia University, Nebraska's Theology Faculty are distinguished by excellence in teaching and scholarship. Their expertise inspires in the classroom, makes them leaders in their academic field and impacts the church and world.

Charles Blanco

Professor of Theology, Pre-Seminary Program Director

"I enjoy working with students and helping them to understand the Gospel message of the Bible."

David Coe

Associate Professor of Theology

Photo of Brian

Brian Gauthier

Assistant Professor of Theology

Photo of John

John Genter

Assistant Professor of Theology

Paul Holtorf

Professor of Theology, Chair of the Theology Department

Ryan Matthias

T-L Irrigation, LeRoy and Jean Thom Chaplain; Theology Instructor

I’m passionate about trying to connect with as many students as possible. If they need a meal, I’ll cook them a meal. If they need to laugh, we’ll joke around for a while. If they need a walk, we’ll go walk and pray. If they need counseling, we’ll work through it together.

Mark W. Meehl

Professor of Theology, Faculty Marshal

"Making the worlds of the Old and New Testament come alive and be relevant for students using the texts, the original languages, and archaeology - that's what I am called to do!"