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Professor of Theology, Faculty Marshal

Department of Theology, Philosophy and Biblical Languages

Dr. Mark Meehl served as a research fellow at the Albright Institute in Jerusalem for two years and has worked on archeological digs in Syria, Jordan and at Tel Miqne-Ekron in Israel. At Concordia, Meehl teaches Biblical Hebrew courses, introductory courses on the Old and New Testament and classes on the Intertestamental Period, as well as Ancient Near Eastern History, the Modern Middle East and Syro-Palestinian Archaeology. Every three years, Dr. Meehl leads a study tour to Israel.                                             

Meehl has published a book titled “Tel Miqne-Ekron Excavations 1995-1996: Field INE East Slope – Iron Age I.”  He is currently in the process of publishing his second book, “Taanach II: The Iron Age Stratigraphy.”

Dr. Meehl enjoys pedaling his mountain bike on the dirt roads around Seward, playing trombone in various ensembles and traveling throughout the Middle East visiting friends and former colleagues. He is an archivist and historian for the 384th Bomb Group, the unit to which his father belonged during World War II. Meehl also spends as much time as he can with his wife, Jan (Wolters) Meehl ’89 and twin sons, Seth and Ben.

"Making the worlds of the Old and New Testament come alive and be relevant for students using the texts, the original languages, and archaeology - that's what I am called to do!"

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    With a degree in theology from Concordia Nebraska, you will learn to think and read critically, speak clearly and persuasively, and better understand how religious convictions shape us ethically as members of the human community. Studying Christian theology helps you consider both historical and contemporary questions related to theological and religious thought to enhance your awareness of religious beliefs and practices among different cultures.


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    Classical Liberal Arts

    The interdisciplinary classical liberal arts minor from Concordia University, Nebraska offers a traditional and rigorous engagement with premodern languages and cultures. At Concordia, this course of study encourages the classical pursuit of what is good, true and beautiful, considered within the light of Christian revelation. Course options for the classical liberal arts minor include Latin, Greek, philosophy, history, literature and early Christian theology. A minor in classical liberal arts educates students in foundational sources, and it serves as a stepping stone for life-long learning.

    Classical Liberal Arts