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B.S. Business Communication

120 credit hours
95% career outcome rate1

Student-to-faculty ratio

Faculty with terminal degree

To be successful in your career, whatever field you choose to study, you will need strong communication skills. Good communication is essential in nearly every industry, helping you sell products to the public, maintain strong relationships with clients or customers and making sure all your employees are operating on the same page. Whether you’re working with business executives or digital-age creative employees, communication skills are vital, particularly in the modern world of business jargon, complex technologies and online, instant communication. The leadership and interpersonal skills you gain will enable you to effectively lead an organization’s internal and external messaging, employees and strategic planning. You can get your point across in the most effective way possible with a degree in business communication.

The business communication major at Concordia University, Nebraska will require you to think of an organization holistically, including how a consumer will receive marketing messaging, how an employee’s interactions with co-workers effect productivity or how an investment by the organization communicates a business’s political stance. Because of this holistic mindset, when you graduate with a business communication degree, you will find many doors open for future employment in a variety of areas. 

With a business communication degree, you may find work in a human resources office, helping to recruit, train and retain valued staff. You might also work as a marketing or advertising executive, public relations specialist, social media producer or any number of other business-related fields. A degree in business communication can also help you rise to the top to lead your business as a department executive or CEO.

At Concordia University, Nebraska, you will gain a firm foundation in business practices along with oral communication, writing and publication knowledge to help you succeed in an increasingly expanding and sophisticated workforce. You’ll learn to analyze audiences and examine survey results to translate data into helpful information. You’ll also be able to communicate that information to employees and clients. What you learn as a business communication major can be applied to many different fields and ensure success in your career.


Program Differentiators

Core Concepts

The business communication program at Concordia University, Nebraska is designed to help you improve and expand your communication skills while teaching you the best ethical business practices so you can succeed in your career while you lead and inspire others. The business communication program coursework combines operational and socially-scientific approaches to business so that students can explore their creative interests, grow their faith and apply proper communication in the public and private business world.

Key Differentiators

The business communication program at Concordia University, Nebraska allows you to be part of a program that has a commitment to excellence and engaged faculty that allow you and your fellow students to go through life-changing experiences together on paths to a positive future.

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Dr. Andrew Langewisch - Business

Meet Dr. Andy Langewisch, accounting professor. He's also known as Captain Spreadsheet. Learn more about Dr. Langewisch in this Faculty 5 video.

Prof. Todd Johnson - Business

Accounting professor Todd Johnson hopes his students learn to constantly persevere, even if their paths change. Learn more about Professor Johnson in this Faculty 5 video.

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Concordia NebraskaBusiness Communication: Learning Objectives

Students will learn to write and speak using audience analysis and considering implications for organizational communication and structure.

Students will demonstrate proficiency in the use of general productivity software and technology for business communication applications.​​​

Students will be able to apply ethical theories and best business practices to their chosen career field.

Students will be prepared for graduate school in a traditional business program as well as degrees in the social sciences after graduation. ​​​​​​

Concordia NebraskaBusiness Communication: Program Goals


Students will learn to utilize relevant and emerging technology in the business communication field.


Students will enhance their interpersonal, intrapersonal and group communication skills.


Students will learn to effectively negotiate and influence others though written and oral communication.


Students will learn to make ethical business communication decisions in their workplace.

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Business Communication Faculty

As experts in business communication, our faculty and instructors bring years of experience to the classroom.

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Concordia Nebraska Business Communication: Career Outcomes

Social Media Producer

Social media producers use their communication and business skills to create, distribute and track relevant content through various social media platforms. As a social media producer or director, you will probably work with both written and visual content, working to understand and adapt to your audience, respond to development and produce posts to increase website and social media traffic. Communication,business, writing and computer skills are all necessary to be a social media producer. 

14% Annual Growth Rate2
$36,000 Entry-Level Salary2
$55,224 Mid-Level Salary2
$80,000 Late-Level Salary2

Business Communication Professor

Business communication professors teach courses in business administration and management, such as accounting, finance, human resources, marketing and operations research, as well as communication classes that include writing and public speaking. 

18.1% Annual Growth Rate2
$37,170 Entry-Level Salary2
$80,300 Mid-Level Salary2
$191,760 Late-Level Salary2

Technical Writer

Technical writers communicate complex technical information through instruction manuals, how-to guides, web pages or journal articles. Some technical writers work for one type of industry, while others may move from company to company or industry to industry. As a technical writer, you would be responsible for taking technical jargon and organizing andcommunicating it in a user-friendly way.

11% Annual Growth Rate2
$42,410 Entry-Level Salary2
$70,930 Mid-Level Salary2
$113,810 Late-Level Salary2

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Business Administration

The business administration major provides a large scope of knowledge that will make you successful in a wide array of industries, from marketing to working in government to running a nonprofit organization.

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Strategic Communication

A degree in strategic communication opens up a lot of possibilities for employment in a field that you’re passionate about. You might choose to pursue a career in a wide range of strategic communication and public relations professions including: account management, advertising management art direction, audience research, copywriting, digital strategy, marketing, media planning, public relations, strategic communication research, sports and entertainment promotion, social media management and sports information.

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A bachelor of science degree in marketing from Concordia University, Nebraska will acquaint you with major marketing concepts and practices. You will develop the skills you need to effectively position your company as an industry leader and efficiently reach target audiences.

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1 Recent graduates attending graduate school or employed within six months of graduation.

2 Career salary and wages sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.