The Sower

Concordia’s bi-weekly newspaper, the Sower, covers campus news for the Concordia student community while also providing valuable pre-professional experience for staff members.

The Sower is produced by a staff of more than 20 students who do all the writing, editing, layout, photography and advertising sales and design for the paper. Students in Concordia's Journalism/Public Relations program typically hold the editorial positions, but students in many different academic areas take on important roles. All staff members except opinion writers are paid for their work. Journalism/PR students have the option of earning academic credit instead of wages.

The Sower aspires to meet the highest professional standards. Staff members pledge to adhere to the Society for Professional Journalists Code of Ethics, which requires them to strive for accurate reporting, to give thorough coverage to issues of importance to its 1,500 readers and to provide a forum in which diverse viewpoints among students, faculty and administration can be heard. As a forum for free expression, the newspaper is not subject to prior review or restraint by faculty or administration.

The Sower welcomes letters to the editor and other feedback from readers. You may contact the editor via email at or by calling the Sower Office in Jesse basement at 7307. Ellen Beck serves as the Sower’s faculty advisor.

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The Sower is distributed on campus and is available online from computers on campus.