Mission-Minded Students

Planning to serve abroad? Want to have a better sense of truly helping when serving within other cultures? Or just want to be more aware of potential cultural differences that could impact interactions?

In this presentation, Dr. John Mehl shares his expertise in missional leadership to help participants:
  • Consider cultural awareness and understanding of cultural differences
  • Follow God’s lead vs. personal desires
  • Develop action plans for personal preparation

The Mission Minded Students (MMS) group exists on campus to promote missions - including awareness, support and involvement in domestic and international mission organizations and opportunities - for Concordia students. The MMS group holds meetings, invites guest speakers, and promotes opportunities for local and international mission activities throughout the school year.

Besides attending meetings and hearing from student or missionaries on their mission experiences, Concordia students can participate in the Beautiful Feet Mission Conference held annually at one of the Concordia campuses.

Students can also participate in local mission activities like packing meals for Kids Against Hunger or engaging with inner-city ministries on an Urban Plunge weekend. Students can also go farther, by joining a team to serve on mission activities in places like Costa Rica, Panama, Ghana, China, Poland, etc.

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