Worship, Prayer and Praise

Daily Chapel

Every weekday during classes at 11:00 more than 300 of the campus community gather to sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs in chapel. Unique and inspiring messages challenge students to a deeper understanding of the inexhaustible love of God.

Evening Prayer

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 9:40, a faithful group of students gather for worship in one of the time-honored liturgies of the church. The various settings of Evening Prayer provide a rich form for students to praise and pray.


The sounds emanating from Weller Chapel on Wednesday evenings at 9 have a contemporary bend to them. The guitars, drums, shakers and tambourines may not be the same ones that Israel’s king David used several thousand years ago, but certainly the joy and honor of God is the same.

Special Events

One characteristic making Concordia exceptional is the practice of celebrating special events with informal worship services. Sometimes the outdoor chapel is the setting for worship, sometimes students gather at the football stadium, sometimes the Janzow Campus Center is transformed into a worship setting to celebrate Spring Weekend, Homecoming or other special events.