Faith at Concordia

Beyond all the academic advantages of Concordia University, other intangibles make the campus unique: the enjoyment and support of a close Christian community, the positive outlook on life and the future, the greetings and smiles of students as they meet on the sidewalk between classes. These are simply by-products of the hope we share in Jesus Christ.

The Promise of Life Beyond Death has Been Reserved For You by Jesus

Our hope is that anyone who visits either the campus or the website of Concordia University will readily see that Jesus is the center of our life and mission. More than that, we hope that all who visit know Jesus in a personal way. Knowing Jesus is not about obeying rules. It is about believing in God who loves you and all people enough to send a Savior.

Even if you never enroll or visit campus, we hope that you know the promise of life beyond death reserved for you by Jesus. You are important to God. He loves you and wants you to have eternal life in heaven with Him. God bless you!

So, Where to Next?

Jesus is that Savior who has changed the lives of countless people. You can learn more about Him by reading about His life in the Bible’s Gospel of John, and you are invited to speak with our campus pastor.

Contact Pastor Ryan Matthias at or 643-7216.