Living off campus

Policy on resident requirements

Resident requirements for students living off campus:

  1. Students who are twenty-one years old by Oct.15 and have lived on campus for three years are permitted to live off campus.
  2. All freshmen, sophomores and juniors unless married, living with parents (or older sibling meeting requirement of No. 1), single and supporting a child, or (have met the requirement of No. 1, above) are required to live on campus.
  3. Students who receive athletic scholarships who live off campus are required to use Concordia food service during participation in their sport unless the student is married, living with an adult family member, or single and supporting a child. They are required, as a minimum, to purchase a 12 meal-a-week food plan. Participation means the weeks of training, practicing, and competing during the official season. A Meal Plan Contract can be found on line at
  4. Students who live off campus need to provide the Student Life Office with an updated address by the Friday of the first week of classes and update that address should they move.

A violation of the Student Conduct Code or the On-Campus Residence Requirement policy can result in this exception and privilege being revoked and would require the student in violation to move on campus. (This means being charged for campus housing for that entire semester and possibly paying the remainder of the lease for the apartment.) Falsifying information, choosing to reside off-campus without permission, and/or non-compliance with the guidelines allowing the exception to live off-campus may also result in disciplinary consequences to the student.

Call the Student Life Office at 402-643-7411 for information related to the policy.