Campus Mailroom

The campus mailroom is located on the lower level of the Campus Center. All students, including off-campus full-time students, are assigned boxes. New students receive their mail box assignments during orientation and all returning students get them on the first day of classes.

Mailroom Hours

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday, 9 a.m. - noon (no package pick-up on Saturdays)

Sundays and holidays, closed


During school vacations mail and magazines are held for you, and daily newspapers are disposed of, unless the Campus Post Office is instructed to do otherwise. During the summer all first-class mail and packages are forwarded to you, and magazines and newspapers are thrown away. Students need to contact their newspaper and/or magazine companies with a change of address.

Student Teachers

During your student teaching all first-class mail and packages will be forwarded to you and all third class and magazines held until you return.

Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day Mail

Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day mail between students will be handled after all U.S. mail and faculty notices have been distributed. The mailroom employees try to get them all out on time, but 1,000 or more students exchanging cards with a number of friends tremendously increase the volume of mail to be handled. You can help by hand delivering as many of these special notes to your friends as possible.

Change of Address

If you leave school for any length of time or attrition please notify the campus mailroom so that they can get your mail forwarded right away. Also report any change of address as soon as possible.

Special Mail

Students will receive a notice in their box when they receive Special Delivery, Registered, Express, or Certified Mail, as the students must sign for these.


All surveys for class must be distributed by the students. Please contact the mailroom if you have any problems or questions.