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Ministry through Music

“Initially, when I was visiting colleges and examining different programs, I was torn between pursuing either a theology or a music degree,” says senior Matthew Porath.

Then, Matthew found out about the parish music and church music programs offered at Concordia. “Not only is the campus and music program deeply invested in the theology that they sing, but they offer programs that have allowed me to pursue the two most important areas of my life (God and Music) in one degree.” Now, Matthew is getting his degree in church music. After graduate school, Matthew plans to become the director of a choir, either at a university or at a church.

Every day at Conccordia, Matthew is reminded of the interweaving of his love for God and music. “Being an organist, I occasionally have the privilege of playing for chapel. On one of the days that I was playing, Professor Dirk Reek thanked me for my playing. He then proceeded to remind me that the music I play speaks words of its own to communicate God's message.”


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