Your transcript is a document which summarizes your Concordia University, Nebraska academic records. It will show each course you took and the grades, credit, and GPA you earned here. If you completed a program it will also reflect the academic degrees/certificates Concordia awarded to you.

Student receives his diploma during commencement.

Requesting a Transcript from Concordia

Transcripts are confidential records and must be ordered by the student whose record is being requested.

    Official Transcripts

    Official transcripts from Concordia University, Nebraska can be requested online. In addition to transcripts for students who have an academic record at Concordia Nebraska, we also provide official transcripts for students with academic records at Concordia College Alabama and St. John’s College.

    Request Your Transcripts

    Policies for Official Transcripts

    • Students must request their own transcripts; parents cannot request transcripts for their child.
    • Transcripts will not be released until holds on accounts are cleared.
    • If you ask us to hold the transcript until the end of the term for current grades or graduation information to be recorded, we will mail it approximately ten days after the end of the term.
    • Your Concordia transcript will not include course information from other institutions. You must obtain transcripts from those institutions directly.

    In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Concordia will not release transcripts to a third party without written authorization of the student.

    Transcripts from other institutions will not be re-released or copied.

    Request Your Transcripts

    Online Grade Records

    Current/recent students may obtain a web display of their grades through Concordia's student portal.

    1. Log in,
    2. Click on the "Academic Life" tab and
    3. Follow these links in the Banner Self Service channel (center column, second from top) :
      Student -> Student Records -> Academic Transcript