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Photo of Connie
Connie Butler
Director of Human Resources
Human Resources
Photo of Levi
Levi Calhoun
Head Wrestling Coach
Photo of Connie
Dr. Connie Callahan
Assistant Professor of Biology
Department of Natural and Computer Science
Photo of Carlie
Carlie Christiansen
First Year Coordinator
Academic Student Services
Photo of David
Dr. David Coe
Assistant Professor of Theology
Department of Theology, Philosophy and Biblical Languages
Photo of Madison
Madison Combs
Admissions Counselor
Photo of Wes
Wes Coomes
Head Junior Varsity Coach/Special Teams/Recruiting Coordinator
Photo of Reggie
Reggie Corbin
Assistant Football Coach - Pass Game Coordinator
Photo of Tyree
Tyree Cox
Assistant Wrestling Coach, PE Athletic Equipment & Operations Manager
Photo of Sloane
Sloane Crawshaw
Admission Counselor
Photo of Patrick
Patrick Daberkow
Head Football Coach
Photo of Linda
Linda Daley
Human Resources Administrative Assistant
Human Resources
Photo of Joe
Joe Davis
Head Speech Team Coach
Photo of David
David DeSimone
Head Tennis Coach
Photo of Dave
Dave Dobbertien
Alumni Council
Photo of Glenda
Glenda Dobbertien
Alumni Council
Photo of Ryan
Ryan Dupic
Head Baseball Coach
Photo of Wayne
Wayne Earney
Assistant Track & Field Coach – Vertical and Horizontal Jumps/Director of Track & Field Fund Development
Photo of Kent
Dr. Kent Einspahr
Professor of Computer Science, Chief Information Officer
Computing Services; Department of Natural and Computer Science
Photo of Kregg
Dr. Kregg Einspahr
Professor of Biology, Health Careers Program
Department of Natural and Computer Science
Photo of Nancy
Dr. Nancy Elwell
Professor of Psychology
Department of Human and Social Sciences
Photo of Joel
Joel Endorf
Lifelong Learning and Resource Support Chair
Alumni Council
Photo of Craig
Dr. Craig Ernstmeyer
Saint Peters, Mo
Board of Regents