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B.A. Classical Liberal Arts

Major Minor
120 credit hours
98% career outcome rate1

The classical liberal arts program at Concordia University, Nebraska provides you with the kind of education that has stood the test of time. You will read some of the best that has been thought and said, interact with timeless works of art and literature and engage with perennially important questions and issues. In an era when people change jobs multiple times, a classical liberal arts education offers you a breadth of learning that equips you to be an adaptable and creative thinker. You will also be encouraged to pursue the higher aims of education, not merely to make you a “worker” but a person ready for all of your life vocations—whether as a family member, a church member, a friend, a co-worker, a citizen. 

The classical liberal arts curriculum at Concordia is interdisciplinary, and it charts a traditional and rigorous engagement with premodern languages and cultures. With course options in Latin, Greek, philosophy, history, literature and early Christian theology, this program is designed to educate you in foundational sources alongside the distinctively Lutheran education for which Concordia Nebraska is known. The goal of a classical education at Concordia is to pursue what is good, true and beautiful, considered within the light of Christian revelation. In doing this, it is designed to serve as a steppingstone in your pursuit of lifelong learning.

At Concordia, you will become part of a community committed to your intellectual and spiritual growth. You can explore your vocational options with the help of professors, the campus pastor and career counselors who care about your future. Whether you seek a church work vocation or to serve the world in another way, the classical liberal arts major at Concordia University, Nebraska is the ideal program to facilitate your pursuit of knowledge and truth.  

Classical Liberal Arts Courses

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Program Differentiators

Core Concepts

The classical liberal arts program at Concordia University, Nebraska seeks to cultivate within its students the wisdom and skills necessary to discover and fulfill their God-given potential and contribute to a flourishing and free society as they pursue a rigorous interdisciplinary focus in the liberal arts and explore their academic strengths and develop the art of learning as a lifestyle.


Luke Scholars

Your God-given talents should be cultivated and directed outward in order to help you serve and lead in the church and world. As a Luke Scholar, in Concordia's honor program, you will be challenged in ways you never thought possible, honoring God by using your gifts to serve a higher purpose.

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Concordia NebraskaClassical Liberal Arts: Learning Objectives

In the classical liberal arts program at Concordia University, Nebraska, students will learn to be stronger writers and analytical thinkers who are able to express thoughts logically and clearly.

Students will recognize the central themes that define intellectual traditions.

Students will understand the historical and cultural influence of the classical liberal arts.

Students will develop into more proficient problem solvers and researchers.

Students will be able to articulate the integration of faith and learning across liberal arts disciplines.

Concordia NebraskaClassical Liberal Arts: Program Goals


Students in the classical liberal arts minor at Concordia University, Nebraska will develop skills in critical thinking, creative and collaborative problem solving and communication.


Students will synthesize and evaluate arguments from secondary scholarship and compose sustained, evidence-based written work.


Students will situate evidence about critical concepts, sites, events and figures within their own historical and cultural context, and in connection or contrast with the contemporary world.

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Classical Liberal Arts Faculty

As experts in classical liberal arts, our faculty and instructors bring years of experience to the classroom.

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Concordia NebraskaClassical Liberal Arts: FAQs

Concordia Nebraska Classical Liberal Arts: Career Outcomes


A Lutheran pastor serves the church by providing a balanced ministry of preaching, pastoral care and organizational leadership to the congregation. As a Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod pastor, you would care for the spiritual growth of your congregation, whether that is in a church, hospital, university or in the armed service as a chaplain. 

8.2% Annual Growth Rate2
$25,430 Entry-Level Salary2
$47,100 Mid-Level Salary2
$80,060 Late-Level Salary2


As a criminal law attorney, you would use your knowledge of the criminal justice system to advocate for, advise and counsel the clients you represent. You might also appear in court to represent your client in criminal court proceedings. You would also be responsible for researching and preparing cases, collecting evidence and analyzing laws. 

6% Annual Growth Rate2
$56,910 Entry-Level Salary2
$120,910 Mid-Level Salary2
$208,000 Late-Level Salary2


The classical liberal arts program at Concordia University, Nebraska offers great preparation for teaching in public or private, Christian schools, or in schools dedicated to the classical liberal arts, as you will develop a wide range of knowledge and skills in various subjects, as well as research, learning and communication techniques that will equip you with the tools you need to be a successful teacher of future leaders.

As a teacher, you would plan lessons, teach, engage and assess your students through multiple and varied means of classroom assessment. You might also have duties such as sponsoring extracurricular activities and meeting with parents, administrators and other teachers.

7.5% Annual Growth Rate2
$39,080 Entry-Level Salary2
$59,170 Mid-Level Salary2
$95,680 Late-Level Salary2

Concordia NebraskaClassical Liberal Arts: Related Programs



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1 Recent graduates attending graduate school or employed within six months of graduation.

2 Career salary and wages sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.