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Assistant Professor of Education, Early Childhood Education Program Director, Director of Student Teaching

Department of Education

Dr. Drew Gerdes brings a variety of national and international experiences to Concordia University, Nebraska. Dr. Gerdes has served as an Early Childhood Teacher and Administrator at schools in the United States and Asia for nearly 3 decades. Noted as a professional who loves to share and develop other educators, Dr. Gerdes has been a sought-after speaker on a variety of topics in Early Childhood Education and Lutheran School Ministry.

Working with university students is something Dr. Gerdes tremendously values; he knows real-life experience can hold valuable learning opportunities that last a lifetime. Previously living overseas has provided him with an understanding of diversity, patience, and compassion and how to incorporate those best in a classroom and community environment. Some of the best learning practices occur when one is stretched in experience and thinking.

As a product of Lutheran education, Dr. Gerdes seeks to inspire students to live out their vocations in meaningful ways that serve both God and the community. Through his engagement in LCMS School Ministry, Lutheran Education Association, Asia Lutheran Education Association, and by writing numerous devotional and curriculum materials for educators, Dr. Gerdes seeks to develop a collaborative space for deeper learning, life-long learning, and learning that ultimately lets people know about Jesus! 


Dr. Drew Gerdes's Academic Programs

  • Photo of Early Childhood Birth-3rd Grade Inclusive Education

    Early Childhood Birth-3rd Grade Inclusive Education

    The early childhood education program at Concordia University, Nebraska equips teacher candidates with a current and well-researched curriculum to help you teach children at a critical stage in their growth and development by creating an education program specific to their needs. In addition to adding the supplemental early childhood endorsement to an elementary teaching degree, Concordia Nebraska also offers a stand-alone, birth through third grade inclusive program.

    Early Childhood Birth-3rd Grade Inclusive Education