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Learning From the Past to Improve the Future

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Makayla Kosberg

Spring Hill, Kan.
If you think about it, life never goes according to plan. But the thing is, God is good and faithful throughout it all.

Makayla Kosberg didn’t have the typical college decision process. “When people ask me why I came to Concordia, I have two answers. My first answer is that my parents both went there, and when I visited Concordia, I loved it. But I do have a second kind of weird reason, which is that I wanted to go to a college that would be in the path of totality during the 2017 eclipse, and Concordia was the only one on my list that was.” 

With a college decision as eccentric as that, one might not have much faith in the longevity of Makayla’s Concordia decision. However, her decision has definitely paid off. “I’ve loved Concordia for all four years. I started off majoring in secondary education with my emphasis on social studies, and the only thing that has changed is that I added history because I could.”  

Makayla has found her history classes to be beneficial to her growth, both as a historian and an individual. “The professors in the history department are some of the most intelligent and engaging I’ve ever worked with. They helped me to not only learn the content but also to think like and be a historian.” 

Makayla has also enjoyed the community she has had the chance to experience at Concordia. “I like that it’s the kind of place where you are encouraged to do things. We live in a world right now where it’s kind of cool to just play video games and watch Netflix. The Concordia culture is not really like that. It’s a community built on connection.” 

Makayla is currently doing her student teaching at Concordia Preparatory School in Towson, Maryland, where she is using her experiences to connect with other people. She’s finding that she uses many of the methods she has learned from Concordia in her student teaching today. “I love the professors and the education program. I was kind of impatient to get out there in my early years, but I’m really starting to understand how what they taught us applies to what I’m doing today.”  

Makayla is further motivated to teach history because of how it can encourage understanding between people. “My dream class would be to teach government. Government helps us create a world where we can live successful lives together, while history overall can help us understand how choices we make can influence things to come.”  

Makayla currently has several big choices ahead of her. When asked about where she plans to go after student teaching, Makayla is content with not knowing. “I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t care. I’m willing to go anywhere at this point. I’m really thankful that I have the Lutheran call process and a God that will guide me every step of the way.”