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Ryan Gross

Riverside, California
Physics is such an interesting field, and there is so much that is known but not understood. The professors at Concordia encourage students to think about these things, not just memorize facts.

Ryan Gross is a physics and music major. So it’s no surprise that his favorite Concordia professor is a physics instructor who plays an instrument: Dr. John Jurchen. “He is always full of energy, cheerful, loves God, loves his students, is passionate about what he teaches, cares about his students, and he plays trumpet,” Ryan says. “I love that he begins every class with prayer; it really focuses the students on what is truly important in life…especially when finals come around!”

Like Dr. Jurchen, Ryan hopes that he can find a job after college that will let him follow all of his passions, but until then, he’s happy that he’s here. “I am glad that God led me to Concordia,” he says, “because at Concordia I am able to pursue many of the talents that God has given me along with being able to be in fellowship with Him every day.”