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A Perfect Fit

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Josiah Seabaugh

Elmhurst, Ill.
Concordia feels different because you guys hold the door open for each other here

Josiah Seabaugh had been long searching for a place to fit. I asked him where he was from and he told me Minnesota, where he spent the first eleven years of his life. But to him, Minnesota is still home. “Lots of the stuff I am comes from there.”

When Josiah was in eighth grade, he moved to Elmhurst,Illinois, where he eventually went to college for engineering. “I thought it was a long shot when I started, but then I moved into my second semester, and I couldn’t manage Calculus2.” It was on a trip with his dad when he foundthat the place he fit inwas somewhere completely different.

For two summers, Josiah had worked at a camp. He loved working with the kids and getting opportunitiesto tell them about God. "Other workers would come up to me and say, ‘I’m having a hard time seeing you outside of this place.’And then, I realized, I could essentially work at camp, not just as a summer job, but for the rest of my life.”

Soon, Josiah found out about the Christian Education Leadership major, and began seeking out schools that offered it. Eventually, Josiah ended up at Concordia, and 30 minutes into the tour, he felt that it was where he was supposed to be.

And after experiencing Concordia for a few weeks, Josiah still feels the draw. “You feel you get to know people here because it’s a small campus and you bump into people a lot, but alsothe people you run into a lot are very kind.”

Josiah feels that it is Christ that had brought him here, and it is Christ that will keep him here. “You experience God here, not just because of the professors, or the worship opportunities on campus, but because people show Christ in the way they live.” Josiah has been motivated to stay in his faith because of this. “There are a million different paths in life, but the one for you is the one Godhas placed right in front of you. And that’s the one I feel I’m on right now.”