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Growing a Community

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Kellie Rhodes

Mullinville, Kan.
I came to Concordia because it’s something like a family.


Kellie Rhodes grew up on a farm, but she was never sure she could make it a career. Kellie wanted to work with people. It wasn’t until she got an agriculture program at her high school that she found that agriculture could be the best way for her to help people. 

“The majority of the population doesn’t know where their food comes from. There’s are whole teams of farmers and ranchers that work around the clock to help people get food on their table that most consumers don’t even know exists. I’m passionate about educating people who don’t understand that work and advocating for people who do it.” 

Assisting people and making them known is not only an important part of Kelli’s future plans, but it’s also a big part of her life right now. “I came to Concordia because it’s something like a family,” Kellie said. “Because of this community, I’ve definitely gotten more extraverted throughout my time here. I always say ‘hi’ to people on agriculture tours in the science department.  Everyone has been so good at making me feel welcome, and I want to do the same for other people.  

Kellie was not always sure she would be welcomed into Concordia’s community. “I’m not Lutheran, and I was worried that coming here would make me feel completely separated. I went to a public high school, so I never experienced a private school before, and I had never been around a lot of people who were believers. It’s crazy how much you can connect with people over love for Jesus, even if you don’t have the same denomination.”  

Overall, Kellie is thankful for the mix of academic excellence and community that Concordia offers. “I think I’ve calmed down a little bit since my freshman year. I live in the moment a little more and worry about school a little less. It’s important to keep academics a priority, but you really only have four years to live with your best friends. It’s important to spend it well.”