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For the Future

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Kylahn Freiberg

Nampa, Idaho
For me, the special education major felt right. I want to help kids and give them the support they need in school.

Kylahn spent four days in Seward as she was on her campus tour. She got to know the cross country and track and field teams and coaches while also getting to know the campus. “When I came here it just felt so right. Everybody was so welcoming and genuine.” It was when she had the opportunity to attend Wednesday night Praise that Kylahn knew. “I was thinking about God, and I just felt at peace with the decision that I was here.” 

For Kylahn, helping others has always been her passion. “My mom was a teacher and for the longest time I’ve always loved school, and throughout most of my life, I noticed that I loved helping people and building relationships with them. For me, the special education major felt right. I want to help kids and give them the support they need in school.”  

Now student teaching, Kylahn looks back on the impact her classes made for her future. “I do associate a lot of what I learned with good teaching experiences, shadowing teachers, constantly asking for advice and getting good feedback.” Not only did she learn from her courses, but also her professors. “The professors care so much too, and not only about us, but what we get out of it too. Just seeing how relational they are, it’s the kind of teacher I want to be as well.” 

After graduating, Kylahn plans to take her education further by pursuing a graduate degree. Teaching special education is her focus and speech pathology would be the next goal. “My original intent behind the special education major was also to go into a graduate program of speech pathology which is even higher in demand and a lot harder to get into.”  

Reflecting on her four years at Concordia, Kylahn talks about the community and friendly atmosphere. As well as what she found important to prioritize as a college student, including her mental health, relationships and time management. “These relationships I’ve built here are the best that I’ve ever had. They’re probably going to be here for me, even after college and you’re only here for a certain amount of time. Now that I’m a senior I’m thinking even more about that. I want to take advantage of the time that I have left with my friends here.”