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Finding a Passion for Success

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Abbie Kropf

Des Moines, Iowa
The culture is very friendly here. People want to get to know people.

Abbie Kropf recognized this nature of Concordia from her first visit to Concordia. “When I first visited, I really liked the small atmosphere. Everyone was super friendly. The teachers in the psychology department were very nice and helpful and I just liked the atmosphere overall.” 

Abbie was interested in going to psychology from the beginning of her college experience, but that interest has manifested itself in different ways since the beginning of her college journey. “Originally, I was going to major in math and psychology and go into data analytics, but after taking calculus, I decided not to.” 

Now, in her second semester of college, Abbie has made the transition to majoring in behavioral science and criminal justice. “I went to a career counselor in Iowa, and after our conversation, she recommended pursuing a degree as an attorney.” 

Even though her major thus far has not been consistent, Abby’s drive to succeed is. My program allows me to finish in three years instead of four, and then go to Creighton University’s Law School while finishing my degree at Concordia. I’m really looking forward to it because I know law school will be a challenge.” 

Abbie’s love for challenges has led her to the Luke Scholars Program. "Part of the reason I applied for the Luke Scholars Program was that I wanted to be surrounded by people who are driven and interested in doing well in all aspects of their education and not just their respective majors.” Even though Abbie appreciates the drive of everyone in the program, it’s not exactly what she was expecting. “It’s more laid back than I was anticipating. We still discuss very complex topics, but we’re also close friends. That’s been beneficial for me especially because I tend to be kind of quiet, and it’s helped me become more comfortable with sharing ideas.” 

 This shyness is something Abbie has had to work to overcome in all aspects of college. “In high school, I wasn’t super involved in things and I think it was because I was just scared. I think coming to college helped me realize that you have to go out and try new things if you want to meet people.” 

This realization looks different for a lot of people, but for Abbie, it took the form of joining clubs. “It definitely took a lot of effort, because normally, I’m pretty introverted. I just started making conversation with people and going to club meetings even if I didn’t know anyone there.” After Abbie did this, she learned quite a bit about herself. “Putting myself out there helped me learn that I’m not as awkward as I think I am, and that if you reach out and talk to someone, they were probably looking for a friend anyway.” 

When it comes to advice for future college students, Abbie suggests being courageous. “You just have to go out and do things. That’s how you make friends and connections and really just enjoy college life.”