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Faith, Life and Learning

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Leah Eklof

Cokato, Minnesota
My experience with the art department has shown me a strong intersection with my faith, life and learning.

“When I first came here, I was completely undecided and had no idea what I was going major in,” says Leah Eklof. “And what helped me get to that point of choosing graphic design as a major was (Art Department chair) Professor Robson. He just grabbed me and said, ‘You’re going to be in the art department.’”

The professors are an important part of the Concordia experience for Leah. She can talk to them about her strengths and weaknesses, which helps boost her confidence level. Through the art program, she’s been able to push herself and try different mediums, even though it’s sometimes difficult. “Having so much stress with art helped me with my faith life here,” Leah says. “It pushed my faith to grow and I can rely on God when hard times in art came up.”