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Cause and Effect

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Kacy Meyer

Jenks, Oklahoma
In the history program at Concordia, you are taught how to analyze documents and become a critical thinker, as well as become an effective communicator through writing and presentations.

"I think what drew me into specifically studying history was that I was very interested in the cause and effect of things that happened in history to get us to where we are now. I really liked to watch that change and be able to get deeper into that change myself."

History is not only the study of facts and dates, but it also encourages people to think critically and problem solve. As a history major, Kacy found herself in a position to take advantage of these new skills available for her to learn: “You are taught how to analyze documents and become a critical thinker, as well as become an effective communicator through writing and presentations.” 

Kacy graduated in December 2019 and is working as policy analyst for the state government: “The history program made me very interested in law and policy work. I’m able to go live my dream and do research all day; it’s fantastic,” Kacy explains. “History isn’t something that you have to go into either teaching or museum work. I’m considering law school because I want to continue to do policy work, but it’s just in the works.”  

The depth and creativity implemented in the history program kept things interesting and broadened horizons for Kacy: “My favorite class was constitutional history. For the final project, we got to make our own amendment to the constitution and defend it. That’s what really got me interested in understanding law and legal history.” 

As for advice for future history students, Kacy admits there will be challenges: “If you’re interested in the history program, it’s a lot of work to actually get something out of it. I remember hearing a lot of stereotypes that it was easy, but it’s actually a lot of reading and critical thinking and writing. If you love history though, you will benefit hugely from the program here at Concordia.”