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Achieving Spiritual Health

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Julia Witt

Columbus, Neb.
Something I’ve learned time and again throughout my college experience is that things will work out the way they’re supposed to.

Julia Witt, now a sophomore at Concordia, felt secure in her decision to come to Concordia, and has only felt this security increase with time. “I came to Concordia with a very clear plan in mind. I was doubling in biochemistry and pre-med, and I was bound and determined that I was not going to change my major.” 

However, Julia did end up changing her major, after finding that she could best use her gifts in the pre-deaconess program. “I eventually realized that I’m more concerned about spiritual health than I am about physical health.” Even though Julia has switched to pre-deaconess, she is still majoring in natural sciences. “I think it’s important for any ministry position that you have experiences in other areas. I’m choosing to pursue natural sciences specifically, because I plan to work in hospitals, and I think having that background in science will be really helpful. I also think that science is a really cool template to help explore God’s creation, and I really want to help other people see that.” 

Julia has felt very fortunate that she made this switch while attending Concordia. “Even though I will need to complete about 18 additional credit hours per semester, I still feel really lucky. It’s a pretty unique path that I’m taking, but the support I’ve received from my professors is just overwhelming.” 

Julia feels this support not only in her education, but also in the time she spends outside of school.  “I would describe Concordia as a big old family. It’s so great. In high school, there was a time when I really struggled to find a group of friends. When I came to Concordia, I found a great group, and I think that’s something that anyone can do. There’s really someone for everyone here.” 

These combined experiences showed something Julia probably already knew. “So far, college has taught me that things will always work out in the way they’re supposed to, just not necessarily in the way we would expect. I eventually found my friend group, but it took a while. I came in thinking I would never change my major, but I did. I’ve always put a lot of emphasis on my grades, and I realized that just because they’re not perfect doesn’t make me a bad person. Ultimately, God will get you through and point you in the right direction in life.”