Employee Benefits

Concordia offers a multitude of benefits to its employees, ranging from retirement plans to health insurance and wellness plans.

Concordia Health and Wellness Services

  • Concordia Health Plan
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care
  • Hearing Care Discounts
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Concordia Total Health Team
  • Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies Program
  • 24-Hour Nurse Line
  • Doctor on Demand
  • Vitality Health and Wellness

Concordia Retirement Plan

Concordia pays the premium for eligible Faculty and Staff.

Concordia Retirement Savings Plan

403(b) tax sheltered annuity plan administrated by Fidelity.

Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan

Survivor/life insurance and disability which covers up to 70% of gross monthly wage for eligible injury or illness.  Concordia pays the entire premium for all eligible Faculty and Staff.  

Accident Insurance Program

Covers accidental death, accidental dismemberment and paralysis of the limbs. 

Supplemental Life Insurance

An employee choice benefit.

Workers' Compensation

Concordia provides Workers’ Compensation benefits for those Faculty and Staff covered as determined by the laws of the State of Nebraska.  No premium for this coverage is charged to the employee.

Educational Assistance Programs

Concordia provides its Faculty and Staff with several different types of Educational Assistance Programs.

  • Tuition Waiver/Reduction
  • Tuition Exchange Program
  • Advanced Academic Study Tuition Assistance

Professional Growth

Concordia strongly supports programs of individual and group professional growth for its Faculty and Staff. In addition, growth experiences and workshops are carried out by the University throughout the year.

Conferences, Professional Memberships and Professional Development

Subject to annual budget capabilities, Concordia provides financial support for attendance at conferences, professional memberships or other approved professional development activities/materials.

LCMS Professional Church Worker Conferences

Concordia endeavors to make it possible for rostered Faculty and Staff to attend conferences designated as obligatory by the Synod.  

Emeritus Status

This status may be granted to fully retired persons who hold the rank of associate professor or professor and who have faithfully served Concordia for 10 years or have faithfully served the LCMS for 20 years at the time of their retirement from active ministry at Concordia.

Senior Professorship

An individual who gains exceptional recognition on the synodical or national level and, as a result, is called upon to devote time in service to the university, church, state or nation. Where such activities may make it difficult to adhere to a regular schedule of classes and may allow little time for a regular campus assignment, Concordia may keep such an individual on Faculty to benefit from the service which can be rendered by that person on a flexible part‐time basis.

Minister of Religion/Ordained/Commissioned

Persons in ministry on LCMS’s roster are treated as Ministers of Religion for payroll tax purposes, regardless of whether they have a contract or a call document for full‐time or part‐time status.  

Housing Allowance for Minister of Religion

For exempt staff that have ”Minister of Religion” status, the Board of Regents has established a policy which allows each minister of religion the ability to request, on an annual basis, a percentage of annual wages to be designated as housing allowance.

Sabbatical Leave

A member of the Faculty who has served seven (7) years at a CUS institution of higher education may be granted a sabbatical leave to pursue a worthy project or activity.  

Alternate Work Location Agreements

Concordia may consider alternative work locations for some exempt positions.  These agreements allow an employee to work at home, on the road, or in a satellite location for all or part of their regular workweek.  

Working Breaks

Although not required by law, Faculty and Staff are allowed paid rest breaks.  

Jury Duty/Court Leave

Concordia grants full pay to an employee called to jury duty if the employee remits his/her jury duty pay to Concordia.   


In the event that an employee does not have 2 consecutive hours to vote while the polls are open, Concordia provides Faculty and Staff with paid leave to cast their ballot.   

Election Workers

Faculty and Staff who are appointed by their county of residence to serve as an election worker will be excused from regularly scheduled work and will receive full pay if the employee remits his/her election duty pay to Concordia.

Volunteer Fire and Rescue Calls

Faculty and staff who are trained, certified and are active volunteers for fire and rescue calls will be given time away for these purposes

Paid Time Off

PTO is accrued based on years of service and hours worked.

Paid Time Off Donations

Faculty and Staff are able to donate their PTO to individuals needing leave time support due to Family Medical Leave.

Ministry/Mission Paid Time Off

Faculty and Staff who desire to volunteer for qualifying events are granted one (1) paid day off per year.


Typically, Concordia provides fifteen (15) paid holidays and one (1) floating holiday every year. Concordia is closed between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day and Faculty and Staff do not work.

Funeral Bereavement Leave

Compassionate leave of up to three (3) days may be given to an employee for the death of a member of the employee’s immediate family or up to one (1) day for the time necessary to attend funeral services of other relatives and close friends.   

Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is offered to Faculty and Staff as a temporary period of absence from employment granted to expectant or new mothers during the months immediately before and/or after childbirth. Our policy is generally aimed at supporting the mother's full recovery from childbirth and facilitating a stronger mother‐child bond.

Paternity Leave

Concordia allows the use of Concordia Family Medical Leave for a father requesting time off due to the birth of a child.   

Concordia Family Medical Leave

Eligible Faculty and Staff, based on their position status, will accrue paid Concordia Family Medical Leave hours. This leave is available to Faculty and Staff that apply and qualify for Concordia Family Medical Leave.

Family Medical Leave Act

Concordia Faculty and Staff are covered by federal law, which provides employees unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons. This leave will be subsequent to Concordia Family Medical Leave, if any, which the Faculty or Staff member has accrued.

Military Leave/Armed Forces

Concordia is committed to protecting the job rights of Faculty and Staff absent on military leave.

Annual Increases

As approved by Cabinet, Concordia provides annual increases to Faculty and Staff when the budget allows. These increases are generally a percentage increase to existing base salary.

Service Awards

Faculty and Staff are recognized for reaching five-year increments in service to Concordia.  

Above and Beyond Recognition

Concordia seeks to reward Faculty and Staff for work done above and beyond their normal course of job duties with monetary funds.

Interview Expense Reimbursement

Individuals hired by Concordia who have incurred interview expenses as a candidate for a position are potentially eligible for reimbursement.

Relocation Assistance

Individuals hired by Concordia are potentially eligible for relocation reimbursement or a self‐ move stipend.

Annual Performance Evaluations

Faculty and Staff are involved in a formal discussion about their performance, development and a planning process that involves setting a plan of action for the next year and reviewing what has been achieved in the last year.

Dining Services

Receive discounted meals at the Dining Hall, Dog House Grill and 10:31 Coffee Shop. The dining services also accommodates catering needs including baked goods for all occasions.

Meal Plans and Payroll Deduct

Faculty and Staff may sign up for meal plans and may elect to have food service expenses deducted from their pay checks.

Library Services

The Link Library serves as the information center for the Concordia community through its development of a local collection and interlibrary loan requests, its support of the instructional process, its encouragement of independent learning and research, and its access to other sources of information. Members of the Concordia community are invited to use the library for work and pleasure.

Personal printing/copying

Faculty and Staff are given an allotment of personal printing and copying each year.

Chapel Services

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to attend chapel services and time is incorporated in the work day. If taken, this time is in lieu of a work break.

Athletic Facilities

With a Concordia ID, you can use the weight room, indoor or outdoor walking/running track, outdoor tennis courts, attend intramural events, and aerobic/fitness classes at no cost.

Athletic Events

Faculty and Staff members who display their ID cards will be admitted free, with their family or a guest, to all regular‐season conference games (away games included, Concordia Invitational Tournament excluded).

Family Activity Pass

For University events or the weight room, if an employee does not plan to accompany their family, Concordia has created an activity pass for a minimal fee.


Faculty and Staff who display their ID cards will be admitted free, with their family or a guest to University concert events, tickets may or may not be required.

Theatre Productions

Tickets for theatre productions are available to Faculty and Staff members with their family or a guest are free.

Other University Events

Faculty and Staff who display their ID cards will be admitted free, with their family or a guest.

Walking Trail

The Plum Creek Walking tail, currently a 2.7-mile concrete hiking and biking trail, runs adjacent to the East side of campus.

Notary Public Service

Concordia provides Faculty and Staff with notary public services for either personal or professional use at no cost.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in all buildings on campus and may attend classes, meetings or events along with any person with a disability, including members of the general public.  

Mail Services

Faculty and Staff can utilize the on‐campus Concordia post office for personal use

Security Services

Security services are provided on‐campus at all times.


Faculty and Staff may park on campus free of charge.

ID Cards

Faculty and Staff are not charged for ID cards.

Computer Labs

PC labs are available for Faculty and Staff use at various locations on campus at no cost.

Book Store

Faculty and Staff receive 20% off merchandise at the campus book store and are alerted of sales earlier than the general public

Bartels Museum

Open to the public for free, this museum houses more than 75 displays of minerals, agate, fossils and rocks.  

Marxhausen Art Gallery

Open to the public for free, this gallery features a diverse mix of exhibitions, the visiting artist program provides a public forum for the presentation and contemplation of contemporary art, curatorial practice, and scholarship.

Success Center Resources

Career exploration resources are available to dependents of Faculty and Staff, including free career assessments, occupational information systems, and individual consultation.

Business Partners

Many Concordia business partners support the Concordia community by providing discounted products/services to our Faculty and Staff.

Christmas Celebrations

Concordia has the opportunity to afford its Faculty and Staff with several different types of Christmas Celebrations; Concordia Community Christmas with the President, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Christmas at Concordia, Concordia Parade of Homes, etc.

Blood Drives

Organized opportunities throughout the year for Faculty and Staff to donate blood on campus

Faculty and Staff Mission and Trip Opportunities

Faculty and Staff can participate in mission trips, both domestically and abroad.  Other opportunities include Study Tours abroad.

Sports Camps for Dependents

Various sports camps are held year‐round at Concordia. The Concordia Bulldogs are proud to welcome teams and individuals who are eager to learn and grow through hard work, training and dedication to their sport.

Art Classes for Dependents

The Methods of Art Education class in cooperation with the Art Department holds Saturday School morning sessions for elementary and middle school students to learn about and create art

Osten Observatory

Seward community reaps the benefits of an observatory and telescope. The 16‐inch telescope, computer controlled, allows users to enter the name or coordinates of an object on a keypad. The telescope then automatically pinpoints the object for viewing.