Direct PLUSloans are federal loans that graduate or professional degree students and parents of dependent undergraduate students can use to help pay for education expenses. 

Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students

PLUS Loans are federal education loans available to the parents of dependent, undergraduate students. To be eligible for the loan, the borrowing parent must have satisfactory credit. There is no minimum or maximum income requirement. The maximum amount parents may borrow on a PLUS loan each academic year is the cost of attendance minus other financial aid received by the student. Go to for further information about the PLUS loan.

Parent Instructions: Applying for a Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students

  1. Apply for a PLUS loan at Your parent FSA ID and Password will be required.
  2. Complete Loan Agreement for a PLUS Loan (MPN) at Your parent FSA ID and Password will be required.
  3. Complete the 2021-22 Plus Loan Confirmation Statement and submit to the Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office will not be able to process the PLUS Loan until all three items have been completed.
  4. Upload the completed Plus Loan Confirmation Statement. After submitting the document you will be sent an email to verify your identity. Please click on the link in that email to complete the submission. The process will not finish until you complete the verification step.